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I have a XML file:

class="language-vb"><?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<Report> <config repstarttime=""
<cspdata></cspdata> <fdremdata>
<fdrementry ENTRYID=""></fdrementry>
</fdremdata> <SHIFTDATA>
<SHIFT_CD_Index ShiftSystemIndex="1" Shift_CD_Used="1"
></SHIFT_CD_Index> <SHIFT_CD_Index
ShiftSystemIndex="2" Shift_CD_Used="1" ></SHIFT_CD_Inde

Hi everyone, I have a little problem with the class XmlDocument in
.net. I'm using framework 2.0 and I am loading an xmlDocument from a
path. The xml has a node without value like this:


When I load the xml using the
xmlDocument class, it seems that it is internally modified to read
this as:


where "_" is a white
space. Does somebody know how to prevent this from happening ? It is
very important to me to read all xml's EXACTLY as they are without
suffering any kind of change.

Any help or ideas will be greatly
appreciated :)

I've been trying to figure this out for a week without luck.

My program needs to examine two XML docs for missing contacts, when
it finds a missing contact it then needs to merge the information

I've got the examination part working with this

Private Sub
findAllDisplayNameMaster(ByVal ndoc As XElement) Dim
displayName = From c In ndoc...<display-name> Select c.Value
Dim cDoc = XElement.Load(contactsXML) For Each N In
displayName addToListViewMaster(N)
contactCompare(cDoc, N) Next End Sub Public Sub
contactCompare(ByVal cDoc As XElement, ByVal nameC As String

I'm trying to add this XML element:

class="language-vb"><cp:prop name="given_name" value="UK"

It has to be formatted exactly as above.

tried this but it formats differently:

class="language-vb">Dim cp = XNamespace.Get("cp")Dim newElement As New
XElement(cp + "prop", New XAttribute("name", "given_name"), New
XAttribute("value", givenName)))

It formats like this:

<prop name="given_name" value="UK"
xmlns="cp" />

Please help!! :)

Any way I can populate a datagrid in vb.net with the ff xml data.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> /><pricelist>
<item> /><symbol>7UP</symbol>
<security>7-UP BOTTLING
<opening price>41.75</opening
<closing price>41.75</closing price> /><description>Symbol:7UP, Security:7-UP BOTTLING PLC, Opening
price:41.75, Closing price:41.75</description> /><pubDate>Sun, 15 Apr 2012 01:00:10 GMT</pubDate> /></item>
<item> /><symbol>AGLEVENT</symbol> /><security>A.G.LEVENTIS(NIGERIA) PLC</

I am trying to import data using xml file into Tally. For that i am
using below code in vb.net.

Here i am sending error file, for
your ready reference.

Dim strXml As XmlTextReader
myLink =
New RTSlink()
strXml = New XmlTextReader("Test.xml") />strXml.MoveToContent()
Dim n As Long =
myLink.Send(strXml.ReadOuterXml(), TallyServer)



I receive large pre-formatted XML files. Each XML is formatted the
same way - in that they all have the same Parent Nodes and Child
Nodes. Each Parent node has at least one Attribute (sometimes 3 or 4)
and some fields also have attributes. In my opinion, the formatting of
these xmls files is poor and very hard to work with.

The Parent
Nodes are Databases Tables, the Child Nodes are Fields within the
tables and the Attributes are Index Fields in the Tables.

job - is to import these xml files into one database (lets say
MSAccess in this example). This database already has the Tables,
fields etc...the goal is to import one or more xml files into these
tables to create a Co

Dear friends,

I am new To Vb.net World. I have to Create a
XML file like as shown below.

ID="PS0002436" status="Start" />
<TaskStatus ID="PS0002435"
status="Start" />
<TaskStatus ID="PS0002434" status="Start"
<TaskStatus ID="PS0002432" status="Start" /> /></Task>

Is there any Code available for creating... i
need to add the "Value" and "Status" from my code... As using .Net
framework 1.1

Please Help.

Thanks and Regards, />Jayaprakash

hi all, i want to extract data from an xml rss feeds and store them
in a database. But the problem is that I can't get to display the
appropriate information from the xml. I've tried several different
codes found on the web but none which suits the objective that I want
to achieve

ID="Repeater1" runat="server" DataSourceID="XmlDataSource1">
<ItemTemplate> <%#
XPath("title")%> <br /> <%#
XPath("link")%> <br /> <%#
XPath("guid")%> <br /> <%#
XPath("pubDate")%> <br />

I create an xml file on startup in my application which contains
the connection string of the database.

class="language-vb">Dim contactDoc As XDocument = <?xml
version="1.0"?> <database
server=<%= TextBox1.Text %> name=<%= TextBox4.Text %>
userid=<%= TextBox2.Text %> password=<%= TextBox3.Text
%>> </database>
Dim str1 As String str1 = Application.StartupPath
contactDoc.Save((str1 + "data.xml")) MsgBox("Created")

the problem is..i want to encrypt it..but im
new to this concept and although i found

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