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XmlDocument output to listbox
VB & VBnet

Hello im making this xml reader that outputs links to listbox, the xml code is like this.

<item> <title>file1</title> <category>myfiles</category> <link>http://google.com</link> </item><item> <title>file2</title> <category>myfiles</category>

xml data in different text boxes
VB & VBnet

I want to retrive data from xml string and store it in textbox.
<setting name="Astrology" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="Cricket" serializeAs="String">
<setting name="ForiegnCurrency" serializeAs="String">

XML data and an Image
VB & VBnet


I have an Image Specifically for a certain XML file. And in Visual Basic is there any way to add an image, then have the image read from the XML file?

Any Help would be awesome. :)

XML config or an INI config
VB & VBnet

How can i make a configuration in INI and XML so that i won't hardcode the location of my database and other configurations, and i would just change it from a form within my program? Can anyone help me? thanks..

XML & Combo Box
VB & VBnet

Hi Everyone,

I'm beginner and currently I'm working on simple application on VB Express 2010 and I want it to save some data in XML file.
The XML file is going to look like this:

<XML> <Info> <X1>some data</X1> <X2>some data</X2> <X3>some data</X3> </Info> <Info> <X1>some data</X1&

XML childnode and attributes !
VB & VBnet

Say i have these XML tag:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><AutoMobile> <KeyPhrases list="BMW"> <Question value="Is this type I or type II?"> <Option value="Type I" id="1"> <Question value="Is this controlled or uncontrolled?"> <Option value="Controlled" id="1"> <Diagnosis_List&g

Xml Case Sensitive
VB & VBnet

hai, i have a XML schema and XML file. Now i want to change the xml <tags> to lowercase... for example <First> <Second>, then i want to same resultant schema and xml file as <first> <second>. could anyone help me plz??? its urgent... thanks in advance.......

and also <xs:element name="Rollno" type="xs:int" minOccurs="0" /> i want to chage the "Rollno"

XML Based Webpage
VB & VBnet

Hello Daniwebbers!

I'm trying to pull information from an XML webpage but for some reason it just isn't working. The XML webpage looks a little like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <item> <reqdat>Date and time</reqdate> <result>Completed</result> </item>

I want to get the <reqdat> node, b

XML and Image Help. Plz
VB & VBnet

Hello all,
In the game microsoft flight simulator X, there are guages called "XML Guages" and there is a picture of the guage and an XML file which it reads from.

What I am wanting to know for VB.NET is:
Is there any way to implement this into my program? say: add an Image box, add the Guage, and have the picturebox read from that XML file.

Any Help would be awesome :)

xml and .net !
VB & VBnet

i have data which i am receiving as xml files and i need to put the data in a database and then use it to create reports on a windows app using vb 2008 anyone who can help me ?????

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