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Hello im making this xml reader that outputs links to listbox, the
xml code is like this.

</item><item> <title>file2</title>
<link>http://yahoo.com</link> </item>

My code looks like this, it works but i would like that i could
click the File1 in listbox and it would work like link.
now i just
outputs like this. "file1myfileshttp://google.com"


I want to retrive data from xml string and store it in textbox. /><setting name="Astrology" serializeAs="String"> /><value>6:00</value>
</setting> /><setting name="Cricket" serializeAs="String"> /><value>7:00</value>
</setting> /><setting name="ForiegnCurrency" serializeAs="String"> /><value>8:00</value>
</setting> /><setting name="Jobs" serializeAs="String"> /><value>9:00</value>
I am able
to retrive data and store it in one text box, but how can I put the
values in different text boxes i.e,
Astrology in 1st text bo


I have an Image Specifically for a certain XML file.
And in Visual Basic is there any way to add an image, then have the
image read from the XML file?

Any Help would be awesome. :)

How can i make a configuration in INI and XML so that i won't
hardcode the location of my database and other configurations, and i
would just change it from a form within my program? Can anyone help
me? thanks..

Hi Everyone,

I'm beginner and currently I'm working on
simple application on VB Express 2010 and I want it to save some data
in XML file.
The XML file is going to look like this:

class="language-vb"><XML> <Info> <X1>some
data</X1> <X2>some data</X2> <X3>some
data</X3> </Info> <Info> <X1>some
data</X1> <X2>some data</X2> <X3>some
data</X3> </Info></XML>

This program have
one combo box which is showing only "X1" data.
When the user hit
the button, I want to massage base on X1,X2,X3 (from same parent).

First of all, I wan

Say i have these XML tag:

version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><AutoMobile> <KeyPhrases
list="BMW"> <Question value="Is this type I or type II?">
<Option value="Type I" id="1"> <Question value="Is
this controlled or uncontrolled?"> <Option
value="Controlled" id="1"> <Diagnosis_List>
<Diagnosis icd9=""> type I - controlled</Diagnosis>
</Diagnosis_List> </Option>
<Option value="Uncontrolled" id="2">
<Diagnosis_List> <Diagnosis icd9="">type I -

hai, i have a XML schema and XML file. Now i want to change the xml
<tags> to lowercase... for example <First> <Second>,
then i want to same resultant schema and xml file as <first>
<second>. could anyone help me plz??? its urgent... thanks in

and also <xs:element name="Rollno"
type="xs:int" minOccurs="0" /> i want to chage the "Rollno" to

Hello Daniwebbers!

I'm trying to pull information from an
XML webpage but for some reason it just isn't working. The XML webpage
looks a little like

version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <item> <reqdat>Date
and time</reqdate> <result>Completed</result>

I want to get the <reqdat> node, but
everything I've tried hasn't worked :(
I think what I need to do
might have something to do with SelectSingleNode but I'm not sure.


Hello all,
In the game microsoft flight simulator X, there are
guages called "XML Guages" and there is a picture of the guage and an
XML file which it reads from.

What I am wanting to know for
VB.NET is:
Is there any way to implement this into my program?
say: add an Image box, add the Guage, and have the picturebox read
from that XML file.

Any Help would be awesome :)

i have data which i am receiving as xml files and i need to put the
data in a database and then use it to create reports on a windows app
using vb 2008 anyone who can help me ?????

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