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Wanted free vps hosting template
Hi I would
like a free vps hosting template that has a slider or can display 8
packages thanks
Trouble in creating gif
I want to create a
GIF from a VIDEO. The VIDEO SIZE is 1 meg. I don
Unique Website Template
Up for sale is a
unique website template. This website has never been used. I bought
this template about a year ago from Syed (aka webhosting-templates). I
am no longer in need of this design and looking to sell it.
template comes with 2 fully coded pages, 1 fully coded blank page,
PSD, and fonts. Below are screenshots of the pages.
Home Page />Plans Page
Blank Page
BIN is set for $60.
I have 3
Webhosting Templates for sale, each one is unique and have never been
used, all come with full resell rights and i am open to sensible
OFFERS but only sensible offers.
These templates were purchased
by myself from a designer with the intent of using them for new
projects but i just dont have the time any more so im looking for a
new home for each of them, SO GRAB YOURSELF A BARGIN!
I can
supply WHMCS Intergration files if already not included for an
additional $40 as these will need to be codded!
CST Templ
Webstore Script
I need to find a webstore
script with drag and drop features like ImpressPages, SiteCake or
Concrete 5.
I known Concrete 5 has an extension for webstores
however the cost is too high on a per site basis seeing how this is a
project where it will be SaaS for less than $10mo targeted at a
specific demographic / industry.
Do any exist or are there any
plugins for the above platforms?
Need a page made. Simple thing!
class="smallfont">1 Attachment(s)
Im looking for someone to
create me a quick web page. Its only one page that I need and I have
attached a photo of the design id like.
It will be a photography
web site and the red boxes will be albums which are clickable and will
lead to a set of photos.
Looking for UK prices. Please note I
don't want a big fancy site etc.. just the template as I can do some
html/css. Just need someone to code it.
web design software like unbounce
Are there
any web design software thats similar to unbounce's html editor in
terms functionality and usability?
WHMCS Template
Hello WHT design team, />I am looking for a unique web design for a hosting company. I want
it to easy integrated with WHT.
1) Can add or remove as many as
2) can change the background as I wish
3) easy add or
remove products
4) clean design
5) Slide show be
Please let me know what you have and how much it cost.
or if you are interested to start the job, when can you finish it
Wordpress Plugin for MP4?
HI All,
have a few stock videos from istockphoto and I'd like to embed them in
a WP website. I don't want windows users to have to install quicktime
-- is there a good way to embed these, or will I need to convert them
to FLV?
And is the a plugin someone can recommend that can handle
Sending newsletter in Drupal
I recently
tried one of Drupal's modules named Simplenews and Mass Contact
modules. They didn't work as expected. One problem was that the
email addresses that were supposed to be hidden for receivers were
visible to them. Second, the email went into junk mail folders. If a
single message is sent from the site, it doesn't go to the junk mail
Is there anyone here who had success with sending
newsletters to Drupal site users? Can anyone name any better
I am interested in automated newsletters that are sent
out when new content is posted.

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