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Index Page
Plans Page
- Valid xHTML Transitional and CSS level 3.
Cross browser.
- Minimalistic design concept, very easy to edit,
customize, and integrate with most of the CMS systems.
- Well
commented source code.
- In the plans page, it includes a
subscription selector.
Once the customer selects the duration of
subscription, and clicks the 'b
Problem with RedirectMatch in htaccess
site used to use HTML files but a few years ago I switched to PHP. I
kept the same file names and structures and added this to my htaccess
because I have a lot of sites that link to the old file names: />RedirectMatch 301 (.*).html$ http://mydomain.com$1.php
It works
as far as the redirect goes, but it's not really redirecting, at least
not like I want it to. If someone goes to mydomain.com/file.html they
are redirected to mydomain.com/file.php, but the browser location bar
shows mydomain.com/file.html
This c
Slideshow software
Hi there,
anyone please tell me which software used to create this type of
animation on this site (the banner).
http://iracingsz.com/en/ />Thank you.
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wordpress issue
My wordpress blog is not
my .htaccess file is blank. what exactly I need to put
there in that file? :(
PHP Question; Please Help!
Trying to use a
$_GET['url'] variable to grab data from a URL: />http://mysite.com/?url=http://this.is/?q=an&?example=url />What I want above is bolded, but sadly the $_GET['url'] will only
get "http://this.is/?q=an" because the & makes it
interpret it as the beginning of a new variable within the URL. />Is there a way to ignore the ampersands so my script can get the
entire URL I need it to?
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Am I the only one sick of stock photos on hosting sites? /> 
Every time I see a team of smiling white people in
front of servers I feel like I've seen that exact same picture at
several other sites :eek: It isn't of course, but many of these
pictures have similar poses and similar white models who pose in front
of robust server equipment.
I would like to see who's really
behind a site, not who makes a living posing for pictures:rolleyes: />Maybe I'm the only one?
Web desinging software-
Top 10 web
designing software which i will prefer you to use-
Adobe Edge Inspect
Dreamweaver CS6 />Gridset
Evrsoft First Page
Microsoft WebMatrix
HTML-Kit Tools
Web Easy Professional
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