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How to make a list from DataFrame?
Web Development

I have a DataFrame (coordinates):

    X   Y   Z
0  11  44  77
1  22  55  88
2  33  66  99

I need to get Y and Z columns values to a list. If I do something like:

centers = [df['Y'], df['Z']]


Y = [df['Y']]

I got a list with index columns like:

print Y

    0  44
    1  55

How do I use set_associated_object when the property I want to add is an unsigned int (enum)?
Web Development

Now I'm doing it like this, is it correct? Any risks? Thanks in advance.

-(void)setNetworkStatus:(unsigned int)object{
    objc_setAssociatedObject(self, @selector(networkStatus), @(object),

-(unsigned int)networkStatus{
    return (unsigned int)[objc_getAssociatedObject(self,
@selector(networkStatus)) integerValue];

I have change

How to validate all rows in a table using PHP
Web Development

below is the script where i am trying to validate if the same name, id and email exists in a table, the problem is that even if i add a new input for each field i still get a "data already exist", how do i fix this issue, also how to validate using regular expression for each fields..for id i need three letters and 3 numbers using regular expression


how to convert date column of a file into user input format
Web Development

I have a file it has 7 columns and lacks of raws its date column format and number of date columns are dynamic, maybe one or two or three columns, date formats are DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI or DD-MM-YYYY HH:MI or DD/MON/YYYY HH:MI etc..



how to show variable's value in pop up dialog with java swing
Web Development

I am a beginner in programming. I was messing around with java swing and tried to make a silly app. This is my code. It's not showing any errors, but it's not working. When the dialog pops up, the variable's value doesn't show on the dialog. The logic i used is right, because when i run it in the compiler without the GUI stuff, it works perfectly. If anyone could tell what am i doing wrong in h

Print pdf file displayed inside iframe to printer
Web Development

How can I print a pdf file displayed inside iframe directly to printer from Firefox/IE?

The following code works in chrome/opera well,but not in IE and Firefox.

printIframe(objFrame) {

'for' loop explanation request
Web Development

I recently started learning python. So I wrote some small code, this code asks for 2 sizes of lists, creates 2 lists with random integers from 0-9 and then spits out the intersection between two lists.

The last "for" loop - I had trouble with it because at first my "intersection" list had repetitions, then I looked up for an answer and got what I have now, it works, however I don't know

String.contains function not working
Web Development

I have to check whether the words from File1 exist in File2 or not and then count. Data in both files is shown below.

The words in File1 are like shown below:

  1. 发表
  2. 发愁
  3. 发达
  4. 发抖
  5. 发挥

The data in File2 is like shown below:

  1. 这篇论文是什么时候发表的?
  2. 91 .数据 删掉 被马

spring-mvc + java +concurrency
Web Development

I have a problem that i make a spring mvc based web application in which multiple user wants to access my application simultaneously to perform operation. I used some global constant in which i assign ip,port and other information for a particular user like CAConstant.IP, CAConstant.PORT etc.I use these constant in different class to perform operation based on particular user.The problem is tha

Codeigniter: Store value of a dropdown into session variable
Web Development

I have a dropdown in the login page which fetches company codes and it's respective ID as value. I need to store this particular value (ID) in a session variable so I may use it throughout site. So that when that particular company is selected I may be able to view the details of that particular company. If there is an alternate method for this, kindly let me know.


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