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How can I check given date is between two dates in mongodb?
24/4/2016 7:43 am by andystacy in Web Development
  "_id": {
    "$oid": "asdf976"
  "Categories": [{
    "mainmodels": [{
      "submodels": [{
          "price": "2000",
          "submodelname": "lumia021",

        }, {
          "price": "2000",
          "submodelname": "lumia341",


      "Status": "Active",
      "modelname": "lumia",
      "fromdate": "15/04/2016",
      "todate": "29/04/2016"

unable to return variable in node.js
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Josh Freed in Web Development

i'm returning the variable uploadFile from my function and when I'm trying to access it in another variable it gives me undefined

function upload(req, res, callback) {
    var dir = 'uploads/';

    if (!fs.existsSync(dir)) {


    var uploadFiles = {
        ext1: path.extname(r

how to access a zipEntry from a streamed zipfile
24/4/2016 7:43 am by robvp in Web Development

I'm currently implementing an Ereader library (skyepub) that requires that I implement a method that checks if a zipEntry exists or not. In their demo version, the solution is simple:

public boolean isExists(String baseDirectory,String contentPath)
    if (this.isCustomFont(contentPa

R Markovchain package - fitting the markov chain based on the states sequence matrix
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Venezuela in Web Development

I was trying to use the R markovchain package.

I have a question regarding the markovchainFit function and the sequence matrix.

By default the markovchainFit function is run with the sequence of states as the parameter. Then it is said in the documentation that this function changes that sequence into the sequence matrix, which can be retrieved using the createSequenceMatrix fun

Parallels Plesk 12 on CentOS 6 not sending mail
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Hai Nguyen in Web Development

I have installed Plesk 12 on CentOS 6. The server is on Google Cloud Compute Engine. All ports from 1 to 65000 are open in the firewall.

Whenever a PHP script on the site tries to send an e-mail, it doesn't arrive. In Plesk Mail Queue the message is marked as deferred. When I check the queue in terminal, the error is the connection to the mail server of the recipient has timed out.

OrientDb - Get node and all of its relations
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Spasas in Web Development

Can I do one query to achieve vertex and all of his edges (including the other vertexes)?

now I'm doing multiple queries to achieve it:

For getting the vertex:

select from V where entity_name = 'SomeEntity'

Then going over each edge and select it:

select from #EDGE@rid // Multiple in the number of edges for
this node

Multi screen for mobiles in Android
24/4/2016 7:43 am by swilli89 in Web Development

How to handle design in multi screen for mobiles in Android without using dimention in values folder.

My application it's support all android mobiles, and I had a problem with the design, because I'm using dimen in values folder to handle it.

So please anyone can help me to handle this problem without using the dimention.

Something was wrong,who can help me ? the error is "'fout' was not declared in this scope"
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Bin in Web Development

Someone can help me please ? i need to make" is considered a chessboard of size nxn they are willing obstacles. Required to print the minimum number of moves required to move a madman, respecting the rules of chess and avoiding obstacles, from an initial position to a final position on time. It is believed that the initial and final position of the fool there are no obstacles."

replace elements of one vector by elements of another on particular positions
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Roman in Web Development

I have following data:

orig.vec <- c(1:10)
idx      <- c(3,5,6)
rep.vec  <- list(c(7,7,7), c(8,8,8), c(9,9,9))

1st. How can I insert elements of rep.vec into orig.vec at positions contained in idx and shift orig.vec values to left/right?

Desired result:

  1. orig.vec shif

How to combine 2 methods from 2 classes derived from 1 base?
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Netopia in Web Development

I'm creating a chess game, I already created the rook's and the bishop's and I'm about to start creating the queen piece. The problem is that the queen combines the moves of the rook's and the bishop's, so I don't want to write repetitive code and instead just use the 2 classes for the rook's and the bishop's and they're methods into the queen one.

Here's the bishop class

Deploy apps from release server
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Jpark in Web Development

I don't like when it comes to release my projects on production server.. May be i just don't have enough experience, nobody taught me how to do this in a right way.

For now i have several repos with scala (on top of spray). I have everything to build and run this projects on my local machine (of course, i develop them). So installed jenkins on my production server in order to sync from

Refresh data in an Activity on OnClick method?
24/4/2016 7:43 am by apaunchev in Web Development

Want to load currently updated data from sever , Using valley api(json response).

onCreate is loading only data for the first time only.after that no new data is adding to the list.

Loading data, on listview(Contains image,text).

 protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

How to enable a curried function to be inherited and than partially applied
24/4/2016 7:43 am by WicKeD in Web Development

I'm new to scala and trying to learn the different features. I'm trying to declare a curried function in a trait (that takes two different arguments), half immlement it in an extending class and than alow users to call the function passing it only the second argument.

Some thing like this:

a trait which declares a curried function:

trait MetricGenerator[T] {

Looping through a filter with arguments in Javascript
24/4/2016 7:43 am by compcons in Web Development

Im trying to filter the zeroth arguments of the function using the other arguments of the function. The loop and filter functions seem to be working but the problem seems to be that the loop doesn't loop all the way through. I'm not exactly sure what is going on in this case. Here is the code:

function destroyer(arr) {

    var args = Array.from(arguments);


Seperate matching value by hyphen
24/4/2016 7:43 am by dormsbee in Web Development

I'm matching a value in a json file and output the each line.

json goes as [ ["59191","TypeAV - Canada","Available"],["422129","TypeAA - Canada","Available"]..]


var finArr = [];
data.forEach(function (line) {
    if (line.toString().indexOf(text) !== -1){
       finArr= finArr.concat(line);
       //console.log( finArr)

php Delete row from database not working
24/4/2016 7:43 am by 007ELmO in Web Development

i want to delete some rows from my table but when i click delete this just show me a blank page i'm sure about id value and my db connection this is my code


// connect to the database

// confirm that the 'id' variable has been set
if (isset($_GET['id']) && is_numeric($_GET['id']))
// get the 'id' variable from the URL
$id = $_GE

Way to run all packages I want in python script
24/4/2016 7:43 am by BiaachMonkie in Web Development

There are many times that I want to use same packages in my scripts, I mostly copy paste packages I want from my last script. I want to stop this work and run all of theme with one simple function, Today i try this:

def econometrics():
    print("Econometrics is starting")
    import pandas as pd
    import numpy as np
    import statsmodels.formula.api as smf
    import statsmo

Why can't I export a function named "import" in ES6
24/4/2016 7:43 am by mitry in Web Development

I want to export a function I named "import" like this:

export function import(foo, bar) {
    console.log(foo + bar);

However for some reason the es6 linter complains that "import is not a valid identifier for a function" see this fiddle

What's wrong? Can't I have my

UITextField unresponsive to opening UIPickerView
24/4/2016 7:43 am by unadopted in Web Development

So I am using a UIPickerView as the first responder of a UITextField. I set this as shows:

var myPickerView = UIPickerView()
myTextField.inputView = myPickerView

I was not having issues with this until I added a UITapGestureRecognizer (that would allow me to click outside of the picker view to dismiss it) to the view like so:

let dismissUnitPick

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