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How to enable a curried function to be inherited and than partially applied
24/4/2016 7:43 am by WicKeD in Web Development

I'm new to scala and trying to learn the different features. I'm trying to declare a curried function in a trait (that takes two different arguments), half immlement it in an extending class and than alow users to call the function passing it only the second argument.

Some thing like this:

a trait which declares a curried function:

trait MetricGenerator[T] {

Looping through a filter with arguments in Javascript
24/4/2016 7:43 am by compcons in Web Development

Im trying to filter the zeroth arguments of the function using the other arguments of the function. The loop and filter functions seem to be working but the problem seems to be that the loop doesn't loop all the way through. I'm not exactly sure what is going on in this case. Here is the code:

function destroyer(arr) {

    var args = Array.from(arguments);


Seperate matching value by hyphen
24/4/2016 7:43 am by dormsbee in Web Development

I'm matching a value in a json file and output the each line.

json goes as [ ["59191","TypeAV - Canada","Available"],["422129","TypeAA - Canada","Available"]..]


var finArr = [];
data.forEach(function (line) {
    if (line.toString().indexOf(text) !== -1){
       finArr= finArr.concat(line);
       //console.log( finArr)

php Delete row from database not working
24/4/2016 7:43 am by 007ELmO in Web Development

i want to delete some rows from my table but when i click delete this just show me a blank page i'm sure about id value and my db connection this is my code


// connect to the database

// confirm that the 'id' variable has been set
if (isset($_GET['id']) && is_numeric($_GET['id']))
// get the 'id' variable from the URL
$id = $_GE

Way to run all packages I want in python script
24/4/2016 7:43 am by BiaachMonkie in Web Development

There are many times that I want to use same packages in my scripts, I mostly copy paste packages I want from my last script. I want to stop this work and run all of theme with one simple function, Today i try this:

def econometrics():
    print("Econometrics is starting")
    import pandas as pd
    import numpy as np
    import statsmodels.formula.api as smf
    import statsmo

Why can't I export a function named "import" in ES6
24/4/2016 7:43 am by mitry in Web Development

I want to export a function I named "import" like this:

export function import(foo, bar) {
    console.log(foo + bar);

However for some reason the es6 linter complains that "import is not a valid identifier for a function" see this fiddle

What's wrong? Can't I have my

UITextField unresponsive to opening UIPickerView
24/4/2016 7:43 am by unadopted in Web Development

So I am using a UIPickerView as the first responder of a UITextField. I set this as shows:

var myPickerView = UIPickerView()
myTextField.inputView = myPickerView

I was not having issues with this until I added a UITapGestureRecognizer (that would allow me to click outside of the picker view to dismiss it) to the view like so:

let dismissUnitPick

virtual function call within a class member function
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Ernie in Web Development

I understand the basic concept of virtual function and vtable, but in the following example, I don't understand why c.A(); prints out

parent A

but without the virtual keyword for Parent::func(), it prints out

parent A

Would you let me know the reason in detail? It would be great to explain with vtable, memory (he

how filter child categories under a rewriten url of a category in magento
24/4/2016 7:43 am by br0wn in Web Development

i have rewritten a category url of my magento site from




the problem is- can't filter child categories under subcat

Client side validation with bootstrap toolbar
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Bas in Web Development

I have the following bootstrap toolbar group (likert scale) and would like to implement client side validation ie. making sure that a selection is made.

 <div class="btn-toolbar" role="toolbar" aria-label="...">
     <div class="btn-group" role="group" aria-label="...">
         <a class="btn btn-link disabled" disabled
style="width:10px">Not<br />Fearsom

Getting a 404 error when I refresh an angular page other than "/"
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Brandan in Web Development

I am aware there is at least a dozen other questions here on this issue, but I've tried all of them and I seem to have applied all the techniques they suggest, so please if you would kindly take a look at my code here and tell me if I am missing something. I am getting a 404 everytime I refresh a page other than the root.

p.s. If I understand correctly, my root domain is not reloading

Printing whole numbers with {#} in C#?
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Mark W in Web Development

I'm sorry if this is a duplicate but I haven't found anything relevant to it.

So, how can I print 0 for the numbers having a whole square root with the following code?

for (n = 1.0; n <= 10; n++) {
        Console.WriteLine ("Fractional Part : {0 :#.####}", (Math.Sqrt(n) -
(int) Math.Sqrt(n)));

Current O/P:

Wait until any key is held in AppleScript?
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Andrew Forbes in Web Development

I have an AppleScript background script which generates hotkey events by System Events. So I need stop the script before generate keystroke and wait until user releases all keys (otherwise effect will be unpredictable).

How can I get this done? I don't need exactly AppleScript solution. It does not matter, I can just call external Python/Bash/ObjC/Swift. Anything, but I onl

MergExt mergDataGridScroller how to temporary disable scrolling
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Mansur in Web Development

I am using the mergDataGridScroller in a LiveCode desktop and mobile app and it works fine. But on mobile, when I show a group on top of the card (on top of the mergDataGridScroller and not related to it) to present a choice to the user for something else, the mergDataGridScroller still react to the mouse/touch moving. Is there a way to temporary disable the mergDataGridScroller ? Thanks

Configuring cross services in cloudera manager multiple cluster
24/4/2016 7:43 am by DeadFred in Web Development

We are testing CDH 5.6 in our company expecting to deploy it in production in a near future, but we're stuck with a problem with no answer yet.

Currently we're working with two clusters managed by Cloudera Manager: Central and Ingestion. Our purpose is to separate services such as HDFS, Hive, Spark, Hue in Central cluster and Flume, Sqoop, Kafka in Ingestion cluster.

The problem

share multiple comments in one page with different tittle , description by Google-Plus
24/4/2016 7:43 am by Julian Ivanov in Web Development

i have an article page with the question similar stackoverflow. Now i want to share the comments of the people answer question.

do we have any solution to share comments with different title , description in one article ?

Semantics of abstract traits in Scala
31/3/2016 3:42 pm by ghost recon88 in Web Development

I am wondering what the semantics of using the abstract keyword in combination with a trait is.

If the trait does not define any abstract methods, the abstract keyword does not prevent me from creating an instance:

scala> abstract trait T
defined trait T

scala> new T{}
res0: java.lang.Object with T = $anon$1@12cd927d

Compass placing or position in a map view post iOS6
31/3/2016 3:42 pm by Jammy in Web Development

Does anyone know of a way to change the placing of the compass in MKMapview?

I'm talking about the compass that shows up in the upper right corner of the map when it's rotated.

I'm making it so you can see the map blurred underneath the navigation bar, which means the frame's y origin will be underneath the nav-bar. The problem is that when the map is rotated, it automatically

Is there a float input type in HTML(5)?
31/3/2016 3:42 pm by Chris Tattum in Web Development

According to http://simon.html5.org/html-elements, the "number" input type's "value attribute, if specified and not empty, must have a value that is a valid floating point number."

Yet it is simply (in Chrome.latest, anyway), an "updown" control with integers, not floats:

<label>Total Amt $</label>

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