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expected an identifier when including windows h (C)
11/12/2014 5:50 pm by Bong Munoz in Web Development

when including the windows.h library , i suddenly get this weird error

NOTE: when i didnt use windows.h, the program worked just fine. this is the code:


only the true and false enums are not compiling.. why is that? thank you guys very much.

Microsoft Excel Acive X Controls not responding
11/12/2014 5:50 pm by Andrew S. in Web Development

I saw the forum that already addresses this issue but the solution did not work and I could not add a response since I do not have 50 reputation. I use Active X controls in my excel spreadsheets for work every day. I ran the Windows Update (KB 2919355) last night and it seemed to have affected my Active X controls. They do not respond.

The other forum addressing this issue (

ASP.NET 3.5 calling [WebMethod] with AJAX - 500 Error
11/12/2014 5:50 pm by Mikebob in Web Development

I have a Web Site Project (ASP.NET 3.5).

One of the methods I have which is in Search.aspx.cs looks like this. This is a method I am trying to call so I can return some data to Ajax call:

    public static string TestMethod(string param)
        return "It worked";

I am trying to call the above method from client side butto

Access upsizing: Migrating queries that were designed to run locally
11/12/2014 5:50 pm by rhinojosa in Web Development

I have a number of queries in a large legacy MS Access application that need to be moved to SQL Server. However, these queries were never designed to run in a shared context; most of them are recordsources for Access reports.

Embedded in most of the queries, are joins to a local _ParameterInput table that another developer created. This table is used to pass parameters into

Download a specific tag with Git
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by Puddle Jumper in Web Development

I'm trying to figure out how do download a particular tag of a Git repository - it's one version behind the current version.

I saw there was a tag for the previous version on the git web page, with object name of something long hex number.

But the version name is "Tagged release 1.1.5" according the site.

I tried a command like this (with names changed):

Is main() a User-Defined Function?
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by Meg in Web Development

The programmer does define what happens inside main(), after all.

So, should it be considered a user-defined function?

Why does Python compile modules but not the script being run?
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by MD. in Web Development

Why does Python compile libraries that are used in a script, but not the script being called itself?

For instance,

If there is main.py and module.py, and Python is run by doing python main.py, there will be a compiled file module.pyc but not one for main. Why?


Adding bounty. I don't think

how to remove duplicate matches in MatchCollection
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by California in Web Development

I'm using C# .NET, WinForms 2.0

In my MatchCollection, I get matches of the same thing. Like this:

string text = @"match match match";
Regex R = new Regex("match");
MatchCollection M = R.Matches(text);

So my question is, how to remove duplicate matches in the fastest way possible? Assume duplicate here means that the match contains the exact same string

Upload to Artifactory using Java client
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by Trevor Dickson in Web Development

I use Artifactory Java client, and cant upload file to Artifactory. My code is very simple, taken from Artifactory Java Client test folder:

artifactoryClient = ArtifactoryClient.create("localhost:8081",
"admin", "admin");
InputStream content = new ByteArrayInputStream("I want to test my
UploadableArtifact apAtrifact =  artifactoryClient.repository("ext-snap

Exact comparison between two numbers with ZEROFILL
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by nobodyzzz in Web Development

I have a PHP script where I want to compare two numbers.

$usernumber = $_POST['usernumber'];

$sql = "SELECT password, isadmin, disabled FROM user WHERE usernumber = " .
$usernumber .";";

Everything is working fine but there is one more or less cosmetic problem.

The usernumber is saved as a DECIMAL(5,0) with ZEROFILL. If I compare

Appcombat based ActionBar theme not working on newer devices
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by surfsatwerk in Web Development

I've created a ActionBar Style Using the tool ActionBar Style Generator ( http://jgilfelt.github.io/android-actionbarstylegenerator );I selected appcombat at the style compatibility selection list, because I need my app to be compatible with Android 2.3 devices; but when I downloaded and implemented the theme

How to test reports?
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by jason166 in Web Development

We are developing a Rails app, that has quite a few pages with data reports. A typical reporting page is based on a relatively big SQL query, usually involving 5–8 table joins.

The cornerstone question we've stumbled upon is – writing integration tests reports pages. A common integration test of ours looks like this:

  1. creating a bunch of records in the DB via

SQLite Java Android no such table, program crashes
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by cjdavis in Web Development

I'm trying to make database for my program and I'm having a lot of dumb problems... It's fragment of main activity:

Database db = new Database(this,editText.getText().toString());
String text = db.printRow();

Now database class:

String nickname="EmptyNick";
public Database(Context context, String name) {

ORB/Bruteforce Hamming Good Matches Inaccurate
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by luger in Web Development

I have this android program that would take a source images which will be matched with a template image. Using ORB, I was able to detect keypoints and extract descriptors as well. For matching, I used Brute-force hamming as suggested by some OpenCV tutorials that would fit for ORB descriptors. Based on the initial results, Brute-force hamming was able to match descriptors between a source image

Avoid multiple similar foreach - C#
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by Jouni in Web Development

I apologize if I'm posting into the wrong community, I'm quite new here.

I have multiple methods using the same foreach loop, changing only the inner method I call:

    public void CalculationMethod1()
        foreach (Order order in ordersList)
            foreach (Detail obj_detail in order.Details)

fprintf and fwrite (written bytes to fp)
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by denis280 in Web Development

I have question about fprintf and fwrite. How many bytes are written when this code runs (assuming fp has been correctly set up).

int i = 10000;



When I checked then 5 bytes and 9 bytes respectively. Maybe I am wrong. I thought it is 4 bytes since int. Can someone explain please??? Thanks.

Can't use DateTime in simple c# program
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by jasonmoo in Web Development

I have this really simple code in Microsoft Visual Studio C# 2013:

//all stuff I include
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Data.SqlClient; //sql DB
using System.Media; //media player

Regular Expression in JS for numbers
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by oferrer in Web Development

I'm looking for a regular expression in javascript that takes care of this:

Accept only numbers between 6 and 15 digits, 6 is the minimum. Numbers cannot contain groups of repeated digits, such as 408408 or 123123 Numbers cannot contain only two different digits, such as 121212

I started with this, then I was loss


Typed arrays not supported : LibGDX + GWT
11/12/2014 5:40 pm by Matthieu Bozec in Web Development

I am using LibGDX to deploy a HTML5 game thanks to GWT. Currently I am having some issues with a random error that just appeared:

uncaught exception: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: typed arrays not supported

It works on Chrome, Safari but not on Firefox. It was working a couple versions ago so I went back on GIT and recompiled and I still g

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