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VPSCreed is an industry leader when it comes to reliable and
high-performance premium VPS. Are you looking to move your website to
a VPS as it has grown too big for Shared Hosting?
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Phone Number - +91 7686957584 />Time - 12 PM to 5 PM IST
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A Free Management Contract
with all our Services.
High Performance SSD Disks on RAID for
lightning spee
I'm looking for a shared web hosting that closest to
Amazon SES server at N. Virginia (US East). My current server is not
in USA, it's way too slow when sending emails through Amazon SES. />I understand Amazon EC2 will be the closest, but Amazon only provide
VPS. I prefer shared web hosting, especially the one that reliable and
has a great support.
I'm being told Newark is very close to N.
Virginia (US East).
It will be great if I can have the URL for
testing the upload speed.
Any recommendations?
Thanks in
Having being fortunate in the past, Friday was the first time we
have ever needed to use their bare metal restore option, we had that
heart stopping situation where not 1 but 3 hard drives failed in a
raid 10 array. With time against us to get the server back online
again Idera justified to us in those few hours how good of a backup
system it really is.
Thank you for making a truly fantastic
piece of software - you saved our bacon!
Servstra are leaders in offering high bandwidth server solutions
in our 12 locations around the world.
Our customers include HD
streaming portals & video on demand, medium to large gaming
networks seeing for low latency, IP telephony networks, camfrog, IPTV
networks, small & large organizations requiring guaranteed
connectivity speeds.
We currently offer servers in the following
Los AngelesSeattleMiamiDallasSan JoseChicagoNew York
CitySLCWashington DCAmsterdamFrankfurtLondon
Enterprise 100TB
E3-1230 London or SLC
E3-1230 CPU8GB RAM2 x 1TB
HDDIPMI with KVM/IP and remote media supp
How much the oral communication for training and informing about
the company policies is effective when new technologies like
SiteGeek.com are showing the best track records in this field. How
many companies carry on meetings, telephone calls, public address
system, personal counselling to their clients especially in Hosting
Only very small percentage of Hosting companies
communicate orally. It all depends on the qualities of executive how
effective, speedy he or she is. The calls are recorded for quality and
training purpose.
We'll give you high-performance servers,
A lightning-fast
network & aggressively competitive pricing!
Sneaky Gorilla
Servers have been providing hosting to clients worldwide since our
launch in 2010.
Our companies vision is to provide an
exceptional hosting experience at competitive prices. Our focus is on
quality and doing things right, the first time.
What's included
with your Sneaky Gorilla Server?Premium Network Speeds - We have over
1000Gbps of direct internet connected bandwidthFully Redundant
Enterprise Class Network with automatic fail-over0% Packet Loss
Guarantee - Low latency networkFree Unlimited Server RebootsMultiple
This is ALLAH Diita Qasim here From Pakistan and working on
I need to figure out how many VA (Volt-Amps) and Rack Units the
following pieces of hardware will use.
I haven't been able to
find the information anywhere online.
1. HP EVA 4400 with 12 -
300GB 15k Drives
2. HP DL 380, 2 power supplies, 2 - 3.0 Ghz
Processors and two 60GB SATA drives
3. Cisco SLM2024 24-Port
Gigabit Smart Switch
4. Cisco ASA 5505
Your help would be
greatly apprecaited!
Website: http://www.bluevyhost.com
Why Choose Us?
Nice / unbeatable price
* Unlimited product upload
* free
lifetime domain (.com/.net/.org.biz)
* free design for your
* free installation on ipay88 payment gateway
* High
performance Intel base server
* Malaysia Local Datacenter!
100 Mbps fast Internet connections
* 99.9% network uptime />* No hidden fees!
* Free website email - eg:
sales@yourdomainname.com (could msn/reply email)
If you would
like to open forums, blogs, online store, personal website and etc,
Bluevy Web Solution will not only provides a free online
I know... the first thing you would say is why I
wouldn't want to get a VPS/Dedicated server right right? To be
completely honest with you, I don't really like root server
environment where I have to worry about managing servers despite
having a management team handling the server. I just prefer the old
way, just managing the clients and answering to clients ticket. You
don't have to worry about waking up in the middle of night worrying
about the problems on your server. Let the host do all the work. />I had roughly 25 reseller accounts and around 50+ cPanel accounts
which total up to more than 200 cPanel accounts taking up roughly 50GB
of disk space.

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