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NowOpenOnline.Com - Your business, online.
SSD VPS General
Hosting FeaturesAll VPS Plans are SSD PoweredDedicated IP AddressFully
Managed24x7 Support - 1 Hour ResponseUS, UK, or Australia Data
10 TB SiteAutoBackup.Com AWS Private Backup Node License
Included ($99/Mo Value)Powered by Amazon Web ServicesBackup All Your
VPS Data (Multiple VPS Supported)Private EC2 Backup Nodes Available
across all AWS Data Centres12 Months Free AWS EC2 Micro Instance + 30
GB EBS Disk for new AWS Customer$0.05 (5 cents) per additional GB of
backup space to resell
VPS SSD 60 - 4.3 GHz CPU, 3GB RAM, 60GB
SSD, 1.17TB Bandwidth - $55/Month - ORDER NOW
I don't know if anyone notice,
I have been monitoring the
offers section and realize there are just too many companies with
almost the same names?
Like two of these company names are so
Did anyone notices it? :eek:
Gotech Host is a Peruvian company with over 03 years online, with
servers in the United States.
We provide support in English and
100% Uptime
and we bring you a super promotion
for a limited time
Ilimitado Package:
$1.99 PER YEAR!!
unlimited GB Disk Space
Unlimited Hosted Domains
unlimited MySQL
Database />https://www.gotechperu.com/hosting/c...p?a=add&pid=13
questions, please ask!
http://gotechperu.com />__________________
nDeviX is bringing reliable, business class VOIP services to the
WHT community, at an unbelievable price! Our starting package includes
a full featured phone system, 1 free local number, and a trunk with 1
unlimited voice channel (US domestic calling only) for just $15.00 per
month. Additional channels, local numbers, toll free numbers, and
International calling plans are available as well. Contact us at
contact@ndevix.com for more details, give us a call at [888] 978-8463
Option 4, or sign up now here:
*** Free phones
included with certain plans. 1 - 2 week delivery time applies. *** />Hosted PBX Plan #1:
Hello, I have setup my SolusVM master on a VPS, and installed KVM
slave on a dedicated server.
I added the slave node to the
master, and configured the network bridge.
I uploaded a template
(Centos 6 64bit Gen2) onto the master, and the slave.
Now, when
i go to "Add KVM template", i get a mess of options
2 I am needing your help with are:
Partition # to Resize />Swap Partition #
My question is how do I find the ID # of the
Thank you
Hello all!
I've had a domain with Internetbs.net for over 2
years now.
Today they suspend my domain (will give domain as
proof to mods) under reason "I did not respond to
The domain is a forum and attracts trolls. One
troll email their abuse claiming we did not respond to abuse mails (
we always respond to our dedicated server abuse mails ) />Internetbs then forward these invalid abuse emails to us. Since we
only register domain with them and not host with them, and the abuse
report was invalid and from a random gmail mail with no contact
24 hours later internetbs suspend domain , we are
I came across this plugin the other day called
WooWHMCS. Its supposed to join both woo and whmcs, of course. I am
kind of curious and want to know how does this work. Its still in the
pre-order stage so I don't think anyone has their hands on this. />The beta is supposed to be released this end of the week. Would this
plugin actually bypass the whmcs cart and get the woocommerce cart
into existence on a hosting website? What do you guys think about
You can check this here.
All servers have IPMI capabilities so you can remote
reboot your server or use KVM to troubleshoot the server.
* Free Reboots
* Free OS Reinstallations />* Up to 10 free IP addresses
* Free hardware replacement />-------------------------------------
66TB File Server!
(Located in Denver CO, USA)
Dual Xeon 5620 (16 CPU Threads) />IPMI Access (KVM, Remote Reboot, etc)
32GB Memory
22x 3TB
2x 240GB SSD's
3ware Raid Controller (RAID 0, 1, 5,
6, 10, 50, and single disk)
200Mbps Unmetered, burst to 1Gbps />Delivery: Instant delivery with CentOS 6 64B
ServZoo is a web hosting company that specializes in
affordability while still maintaining quality. We pride ourselves in
the ability to offer low prices and maintain non-oversold servers that
are state-of-the-art. Our team is amazing and we love to help our
customers! Give us a shot today and see for yourself! You have nothing
to lose; it's guaranteed!
Click here for our uptime
servers are located at PhoenixNAP and have the following specs: />Dual Six Core Xeon L5639 (12 Physical Cores)
LSI 9271 Hardware
Raid 10 With CacheVault BBU
32GB to 64GB RAM
1gbps Port />Ksplice/KernelCare
cPanel + Cl
I am offering Peel Away Ad Design for $19.99. I am able to offer
them at this very low price in order to build up my new Peel Away Ad
Depending on
the time of day you place your order as well as our current workload
-- our turnaround time is between 24 to 48 Hours.
PORTFOLIO: />Here are just a few 'live' samples for you to check out Click
Custom Peel Away Ad: $24.99 USD Click Here />The next ten (10) people who purchase this Peel Away Ad Design will
get $5.00 off the Sale Price. To get this $5.00 discount, you must use
this discount code, peel

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