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We're using title="wehosting " target="">hostlatte  since more than 2
years now & I must say they are best web href="http://www.hostlatte.com/" title="webhosting" target=""> hosting
services I have ever experienced. There is support team is the
postive point they do have, the support personnel Sarah M. is really
knoledgable and solves my issues in minutes. I just need to open a
support ticket and get response within 30 minutes that the issue has
been resolved with the reason of issue. I really appreciate their
services where the prices are not very high, the server speed is
another positive thing they have, my websites are loading lightning
fast on the internet not an issue from where I'm accessing them, they
are just fast :)

I would like
to suggest people to try their service once if you're not happy with
your current host, I'm sure you will be more than happy with

There support team is
the postive point they do have.
How do i connect my Acer Aspire one D270 with TCL
LED TV 40. When i connect my laptop through HDMI port screen blinks
but nothing shows on LED TV .LED TV just says not supported.My laptop
Graphic is Intel Graphic Accelerator 3600,please guide and do tell how
to change my laptop resolution into 1920x1080.Adapter install is intel
garphic accelerator 3600 and monitor TYPE IS 1920X1080 . please
Feedback on design and offering
I'm looking for feedback on my site
Any feedback on design, business aspects or
the blog would be appreciated.
(Re: blog, I've written a blog
post today that some of you might be interested in).
Cheers, />Alastair.
Designer review: Jack Innes (made by Jack). Unfortunate. /> 
Selecting a designer is a fraught business, and on
this occasion it appears I got it wrong.
I recently posted an
advert for some quick and simple work for an experienced designer
(http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1237223&goto=newpost) />I selected Jack, who despite appearing to be young did seem to have
some design flair.
Jacks details; />http://www.work.madebyjack.net/
Jack Innes />hello@madebyjack.net
A price was
What do you think of my blog? www.snickn.com /> 
So I've been working to get the blog updated
lately. There's quite a bit left to do with it (a bit on the design
end, and a few features) but I'd love to hear the feedback of it so
far :)
Netjelly.com - New site & control panel design /> 
Made IT Support Service Site
AceMesh: Please review our site
Hi All, />Please review our website
Video Hosting Service - Free :)
made this cool video hosting service with a friend that's quick and
easy to use. You don't need an account and we don't have any content
filtering. Check it out and give us feedback if you have any! />http://viddur.com
good day folks ... please have a
look at a little project we just started at http://willyCat.com />cheers WillyZ

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