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What is the best technique to find the best high quality blogs
for guest posting. Please shared any lists/blogs which we can use for
guest posting.
Hi friends,

Is Social bookmarking still Effective.

Howmany new phone update on december ?
I didn't understant that the alexa is directly or inversely
proportional to the traffic of the site. On which factors Alexa
Hello friends...

I need one Samsung phone.
I've Private Message problems, hopefully you can help me!

I meet the 10-posting requirement to send Private Messages. I tried
to send a couple of Private Messages, but after I've sent the
messages, I cannot find the messages sent in the "Sent
Items" folder. I've a feeling the messages never got sent.

I used the "Contact" link of this website and sent a message
to the Administrator about the problem. After I sent it, I can't find
the message sent in the "Sent Items" folder either. I
suspected the message never got sent out. Also from the fact that
I've not received any reply from the Administrator further shows that
my message was not sent.

Could anyone advise me how to fix this Private Message problems?

Can anyone help me with some good forums where we can talk about
the Real estate business?

I want to know about it, help with it.


Check out this free chrome extension to find long tail keywords for

It gets keywords from Google suggestions and Youtube suggestions. />

target="_blank">https://chrome.google.com/webstore/d...gdimcaldgeognn />

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1. Get keyword suggestions from Google.

2. Get keyword suggestions from Youtube.

3. Use wildcard search.

4. Export keywords.

5. Open multiple tabs in parallel.

hello guys,

i have a question for you guys that why we need SEO ?
Hello Guys

i am facing some serious issue with my website now a day

Let me explain in each thing with exact dates

2/12/15 my 40 days old website was doing quite good even i hit top of
2nd page on some of highest competition keyword for local market

12/12/15 A hacker team named brown hacker team ...hacked my website (
some days ago i found they list my website in the listed of hacked
website by them) and this is making back-link to my website i can see
it my webmaster

13/12/15 we recovered from hack what from here true downfall start />

my ranking start going down and i start noticing some unknown
back-links on my webmaster

all these links was pointing to 404 page with my AVG antivirus program
giving a warning message of HTML/Framer Threat

and now this date i lost all my ranking

Help me how to resolve it

Any kind of help on this will be highly appricated

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border="0" alt="Click image for larger version

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