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Daily picture(thumbnailed) script
Is there a PHP or java script that will show a random(or from a list) picture every day? I know of many scripts, but they all show whole(full size) picture, and I wish it to show thumbnail, and when clicked on, it opens a full size image in a new window.... Thumbnail is neccessary because I mean to place it on the main page of my website and therefore it should occuppy only a small part of the pag

javascript + math calculations populate on text field
I have 2 text fields (ar_date1 + ar_date2) which the user has to enter some #s in. Then I would like a 3rd text field (ar_date_total) to be autocalculated and populated based on the users input. I do not want the user to press any button for this to occur, but automatically populate when the user hit tab or move to the next field.
I am fairly new to using Javascript to calculate values. So f

Web site promotion and advertising - new ongoing topic
New Thread type... Read below.
What does everyone do for promoting their sites? Does anyone do any Google Ad words or email marketing?
I recently have been looking at running messenger service ads for a product/client. ANYone have any ideas or stories about that?
Sound off on what you do for your site or clients.
I dont want People slamming or talking ab

Is there one for this?
I ran a search and couldnt find an answer so I will post this question. Is there a script that you can add that will open all links in a new window, without having to add them individually?

Image pre-loading question
I have tested image preloading on my website slide show and I cant see where it helps. Whether or not I pre-load (e.g. 20-30 jpgs at 15-20k bytes apiece) I still get delays. If I pre-load the jpgs the user has to wait a long time and as the images are being cycled, even at 8 second intervals, I still get skips. I also see the same number of bytes being download for each jpg from the web whether

I have no idea what to call this
IS there a way to have a function make a table in the center of the page over everything, i am making a game for school and i need a table that poops up with the player who wins name, picture and my winner gif in the center of the screen.
How would i do that?

entering form info from popup window
I hava an image in a form that opens a popup window...the selection that is made in the popup needs to be submitted with the form. I have seen it done I just dont know how. Can anyone help me?

transfer value between webpages
Dear all,
I used some copied Javascripts which to transfer value from the first webpage to the second webpage. However when the second page open, all the value areas apeard as "undefined". Please help if you know how to solve the problem. The code is followed.
The first webpage code:

One click opens two pages in dif. frames?
I wish to make a link so when it is clicked on it, it will open link1.htm in target="_self", and also another page(link2.htm) in topFrame(for example)..
So what I wish to say is that when someone clicks on a link, it opens two pages at the same(one in "_self" and one in "topFrame")...

Simple modification
I wish to modify an existing JavaScript but I dont know how, but it shouldnt be a problem for anyone who knows JS.. You must start the script on your comp to see how it is working before you can modify it... The script does the following: the picture(picture.gif) flyes all over the screen and when you click on the picture, it opens a new page.. Currently, when you click on picture, it just pauses

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