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Handling Concurrency Issues
To handle the concurrency in ASP.NET application, the Entity Framework 6 Code First and Visual Studio is a good option. What say?

Peerfly Offers with Bing Ads
Hello Guys
I am promoting Peerfly affiliate offers on Bing Ads.
Some days Ago I created 3 ads on same offer but for 3 different countries and they got me 4-5 leads(around 10$) just by spending around 2$ but the next day the offer was paused by the network.
So I had to drop that offer.
Then I tried some other kind of gaming offers but didn't even got single lead and I e

Which is the best free site search script now ?
Which is the best free site search script now ?

Sphider ??
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine ??
Others ?

Which is the Good bank in India HDFC, ICICI or AXIS bank ?
i have account in SBI, SBT and UBI, last month i have applied for SBI Gold credit card and deposited 20000 as FD.last week i got a letter from SBI Cards by saying
"We regret to inform you that your SBI Card Application could not be processed since it does not meet our policy. We thank you for your time "
When i called them, they said My Place is Non a servicing

How much money can I make from a out-source call center service provider?
Hi, I want to start a BPO/Call center business but don't fully know how... any help will be appreciated.

and how much can I make per month?

Help Me Create a PayPal Business Account in India
I had been using PayPal personal account for the last 5-6 years, and a few months ago, I got my firm registered as an LLP. Just wanted to create a PayPal account for the firm

Is there any big difference in accepting freelance payments via Personal account and Business account?

I already have a PAN for the company, is there any other special requirements in order to get st

Affiliate Programs to be marketed to entrepreneurs
I'm looking for ideas on what affiliate programs could be marketed to budding entrepreneurs.

Only the best programs would be recommended but if there is a toss up between two or three options then the best affiliate scheme will determine which service I recommend obviously.

For example, almost all entrepreneurs will require a website and so hosting will be required.

Bitcoin Payments
Bitcoin payments, processing and exchange services are now reachable for all.
Open new markets, no charge backs, instant payments, secure and more. Still its not going fast into the mainstream. Why ?

Best and secure method for sending money USA to India
Hey Guys,
What is the best method for sending money USD to India
I usually Paypal But it take too much charge from both of side.

Advertising banners to be created- $20, 48 hour contest. Winner paid via PayPal
We require 2 banners to be created to use on websites to promote the following website: www.livingmagnets.com.au

The banners need to be in 500px x500px size and 1900px x 400px.

The banners need to be in keeping with the website and to showcase some of the products from the s

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