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how to create Google Backlink...can you help me please ??
Hello, I' searching for some good (VAST for ex.) network as a
publisher. Pre-roll type is my preference and it would be great if ads
play before every video. Currently I'm using dailymotion website
monetization and the biggest problem is limited ad impression per
unique IP because i got paid for like 5 impressions per user even he
watched 50 videos.
I am hoping that as a community we can make a very focused thread with
one central idea.

Now that you have gained experience in a few different areas of your
business what is the one
piece of advice you wish you knew when starting out
and can
you give a practical example of how you have implemented this advice
yourself in your business?

I don't want to restrict the conversation but when people start
listing 6 random vague things with no examples the thread goes off

target="_blank" class="internalLink">The one piece of advice you wish
you knew starting out

I need a logo for a relationship website: IGotDumped.me

The site is about posting up "dear john" letters or letters
or text messages of people who got dumped or did the dumping. In other
words, the person ended the romantic relationship of the person they
were dating. Now they are single.

I purchased this Wordpress theme and there will be some slight
modifications to the color scheme (the blue colors will be changed to
red or gray):...

target="_blank" class="internalLink">Logo Needed for Relationship
but no one I told believed me. lol Not been here much. Like not at all
lately. Just wanted to wish everyone a good Xmas and some IT success
in the new year. Yes I was bored the other night and purchased
wwwface-book.com Key-words in a URL not so relevant any more but I
like these ones and can not be trade marked. Just have it temporary
re-directed. Hack on everyone. And a special thanks to our pen
hardened leader for having such a great forum and resource site. HO
Hi Everyone,

I am just curious to know what are the top niches for websites which
results in higher earnings? what all niche sites you have and based on
your experience which is good and has higher earning rates and
I have planned to develop a new website with ASP.NET. So, how should i
proceed with programming in such a way that I can target my respective
Hello Friends .

Please suggest , whether it is good idea to use fiverr for backlink
building . There are many on fiverr who offers good amount of
.edu/.gov backlinks in $5 .They have good reviews but i m afraid to
take service .
While posting here on the forum I saw a person have the tag
called 'v7n mentor'.

Now I want to know how can i be able to become the same? Any no of
post to reach that lable? Or it's paid feature? Or the person is from
V7n ?

Resolve my question! Giving thanks in advance

I like photography.

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