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Are there any performance or security issues in bridging local adapter
with VPN adapter? VPN is an external service provider.
I am looking for a good free full use audio enhancer like DFX that
works all the time and you don't have to keep pushing a button to keep
working every 5 minutes! any help appreciated
I recently got a hold of a Dell PowerEdge 1900 server and want to
repurpose it as a home media server. Its got six 750gb hard drives,
and I am leaning toward combining them all into a single virtual disk,
RAID 10, carving off a 35gb and a 5gb partition for the OS and swap,
then setting up the rest as a roughly 2.2tb data partition. But I am
new to all this, so I really don't have a good grasp of the pros and
cons of this set up.
Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?
I have a question. I'm not sure if it's a problem of some sort, but I
can't help notice that it takes a really long time when I upload
videos to Youtube. It took almost 12 hours to upload a 5.5 minute
video. It took around 7 hours to upload a 4 minute video. Is this
I supposedly have high speed internet. I made my videos
using "Power Director 7", which produced an .avi file that I
then uploaded from my computer. I also uploaded a 1 minute raw video
from .mov without using Power Director or any editing software. That
video took around 40 minutes to upload.
All of the videos turned
out fine after they uploaded. I'm just wondering if it shoul
After installing the drivers for my ATI Radeon HD 6450,I am asked to
restart my computer. Every time I just get a blue screen on startup
and have to restore from backup. I've attached a zip file of the logs
from the BSOD.
Hello folks-I have lately been getting random BSODs that usually come
up as System_Service_Exception. They seem to happen mostly as I am
closing programs to get ready to shut down my computer but have
happened just randomly a few times as well. I don't always get
minidumps when it happens and the most recent one that occurred
yesterday evening did not create one but I have attached the 2 dumps
that I found from previous occurrences. Any help you can all give
would be greatly appreciated. My system details are all in my profile
and if there is any other info at all that would be helpful please
feel free to let me know and I will make sure you get it. Thanks in
I recently connected my Bluetooth speaker to my netbook and when i go
to my audio properties, its not there. what to do?
I have a Yiynova tablet monitor and its been working fine for about a
month. I recently tried to download the beta version of a NVIDIA
GeForce update (bad idea) and had to reinstall a previous version.
After that, things started to go south for my tablet.
uninstalled and reinstalled the tablet driver, and tried to plug it in
a different USB port and it came up with the same message.
there a step that I'm missing?
I have dual screen setup, and
that's working fine, but the driver that senses the pen just isn't
installing, even though I installed the driver program.
appreciate any ideas on how to fix this.
I've looked up this error over and over and there's a 1000
"fixes" and none of them have worked for me.
Four years ago I purchased Windows 7 Home Premium Pack, which was a
disk set with four licenses. I installed three of them on my wife's
laptop, my laptop, and my desktop, all 32bit. I saved the 4th license
for later.
Over the last year, many of my main software packages
I've been using have dropped 32 bit in favor of 64. They are all
related to Video editing. So I purchased a new 2TB hard drive and
installed it in my desktop as a second boot drive. F12 on power up
gives me the option to boot from my old 32bit drive or the new drive.
I installe
Hello all,
I using windows 7 home premium and have problem with
LAN adapter, I can't enter TCP IP properties, I need to assign static
Properties button not available.
Also I can't unmark
any of items listed in connection. I'm only user of this PC and
When boot in safe mode I can do all what I want
but in regular boot I can't.
Does anybody know how to remove this
limitation ?
On my business PC I do not have such limitation. />Thanks in advance.

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