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I can't click on an embedded link and open it. If I try, it opens a
tab that never fills or says Blank Page. If I right click on the link,
I can copy the shortcut and manually insert it into the address bar
and open it that way successfully.
This began Friday, suddenly.
I was working at home and my corporate laptop was connected to my home
wireless, which is powerful and was working successfully in all other
ways. I work at home frequently using the same laptop connected to the
same wireless.
The only change I know of recently is that, at
some point in the last few days, my Internet Explorer automatically
updated from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
I disco
I am facing a bit of a mystery with my 2003 server and Windows 7
machines. I am getting a good number of event ID 529 showing on my
server coming from one specific machine (one user name associated to
that machine). When I log into the machine generating the events on
the server, I am not finding correlating events (4625) at the times
the server is showing the events happening. Does anyone know if the
XP event number 529 breaks down to more than just the Windows 7 code
4625? This is the only thing I can think would be generating these
events I cannot otherwise detect.
Thank you in advance, />Justin
Hello, I have a sort of strange problem with starting my Windows 7
PC. Strange in so far that when googling it, nobody else seems to have
experienced this. While the PC seems to boot normally, it takes some
ten minutes until the screen turns on. By then the Windows login
screen is there, or I can also type the password and hit enter while
the screen is still black, and find myself on the desktop as soon as
there is a picture. From then on the PC works flawlessly. I can also
turn the monitor off and on again and it works immediately. From
other threads of people having similar but not identic problems, here
are some solutions I've tried without success already
Quote: Microsoft is no longer charging for Skype group video
The company announced on April 28 that Skype group video
chat is now free, with no expiration date, on Windows desktop, Mac and
Xbox One. Microsoft will add support for other platforms with free
Skype group video calling in the future, officials said in a new blog
post. Read more at: Microsoft begins rolling out free Skype group
video calling | ZDNet
If you are like me and not real sure of what is going on in the
background these make for a couple of reference addresses.

Windows Admin: Understanding Windows Administration Tools

SysInternals Pro: What Are the SysInternals Tools and How Do You Use
I've used far too much time on this but it's nagging me to resolve it.
I hope I haven't done any damage with the efforts I've made so far but
I do have a very recent restore point set so I guess I'm okay on
Here's my problem. I followed Brian Krebs' advice and
installed EMET 4.1. That went okay and I'm able to open it from the
directory it resides in and also using the shortcut I created in my
start menu (it didn't populate my start menu on install). No problem.
Except that in the notification area, if I right click on "open
EMET" I get the dreaded "Admin privileges are
required." I'd like to resolve that just because.
But also
in the list
I presently have an ''Intel Core i5-760'' CPU sitting on an ''ASUS
P7P55D-E LX'' motherboard with 12G of RAM and an ''ATI Radeon HD 5700
Series VGA card'' I won't be able to afford a new computer for a year
or two but I thought maybe I could afford to upgrade it some. From the
little I understand, the specs of the new generation of my CPU show
an interesting boost in performance and even reduced power usage so I
was wondering if I should upgrade to it--from the Intel Core i5-760 to
the i5-3350P?
Of course it wold be nice knowing if this would
imply also having to get a new motherboard, if my present one isn't
compatible, etc.
Why would I want a boost? Two reasons, really
Hi Gurus,
I am facing a very odd issue...I have a Macbook Pro
which I have partitioned to install Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
edition. Lately my laptop is crashing for reason beyond my
understanding. Here is the message that I get.
Source />Windows
Shut down unexpectedly
Date />?4/?7/?2013 2:06 PM
Not reported
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033
Files that
help describe the problem (some files may no longer be available) />040713-12214-01.dmp
In 2009, I had purchased a genuine copy of Windows 7
Ultimate from a major retailer. I was upgrading from Vista, I believe.
Had no problems.
In 2011, I had built a custom pc and tried
installing my Windows 7 Ultimate and it gave me problems saying that
it will not install on this pc.
I can't remember exactly how but
a tech who worked at this major retailer informed me that I can do it
on a new drive (of this new custom pc). I had to install it, then
decline, activation, then reinstall it.
Can anyone please tell
me if and how I can reinstall my genuine purchased copy of Windows 7
via this upgrade copy as I need to reinstall the os o
I run a number of websites hosted on a 3rd party server. I am getting
intermittent access problems with these websites, whereby I will not
be able to access the website or email for 5 mins or so then it will
suddenly become available again.
Here's what I know so far:

It appears only to affect 5 websites hosted by a particular company.
When one goes, it seems the others go at the same time. However, there
are two other websites hosted by the same company that DO work ok when
I can't access the other 5. All of the websites are hosted on
different physical servers, except two of them which are on the same
server (although under different IP addresses). Just to confuse things

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