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Yeah, I erased 2 2 partitions accidentally, One of them I need my data
inmediately ..
Please help, I know it can be recovered but I dont
know how.
I have not created a new volume over it... />Thank you. I have an important activity in 5 hours... and I need
this data, .. otherwise I am screwed...
is it possible to print the page number of pdf file when i am
printing it from foxit reader
like we do it in msword in footer
it prints the page number
thanks in advance

what is meant by the dips in this graph. Is this a jitter packet
lost or what?
hang and blue screen my desktop computer after few min but No
automatically restart PC !!! I reset the system by hand .
Update the Rom and all driver, but not health ! />SF_Diagnostic_Tool report attached on this post .
Help me
please . Thanks
Hello I have been getting static noises in my headset and I found out
that its not my head set I know its something to do with my PC, I have
tried moving my head set far away from my PC, and changing what its
plugged into, My sound drivers I feel are not good at all its made by
VIA and when I go to there website its all in japanese -_-
does anyone know of a "free" sound drivers that help improve
the sound quality of a microphone.
Hi guys,
I have been told that Windows 7 includes something
called a Task scheduler and that I can get it to do things like
running security scans automatically before the PC shuts down. Now,
this may sound a bit strange but I can't find it. Mostly because I'm
blind as a bat and the Computer screen, although a decent size, sits
about 8 feet from my eyes. So, if some kind soul could tell me exactly
where to find it, I'll have a Goosey and see what I can find out. />Cheers,
hello everyone i want to increase virtual memory windows 7 i have 64GB
with of Ram in my computer what should i change to... anyone help,
thanks i have attached a screenshot of my virtual memory,
the problem pops up sporatically. It can happen 20 times in one
minute, then disappear for 10 minutes. When I am in an active
window, and this can be anything from Word, Outlook, Firefox, Skype,
MSN Messenger, or Google Talk, I can be typing away or scrolling down
the page in Firefox when all of a sudden the active window becomes
inactive. That means that I can no longer type or scroll. Each time
this happens I have to re-click on the window. Sometimes it reverts
back the next second, sometimes 20 seconds...sometimes minutes. It
is very annoying and inconvenient.
I have: rebooted several
times, tried changing the background profiles, and created another
user accou
In Excel 2007 how do I go about making both the strings identical in
length without use of any type of Visual Basic?
can anyone
advise, please?
Affects all versions of IE
Security flaw puts all Internet
Explorer users at risk, exposes Windows XP | The Verge


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