css for android browser and firefox

Did you try :

html {
body {

Code a litlle short to understand more of what's going next, inside body html structure and it's CSS

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Android browser intent open Dlophin instead of Firefox
You could decompile the apk you are aiming for (Dolphin) to understand what they put in their manifest to open the url and target exactly that apk.. .. but limiting your users will break really easily if they don't have that specific browser installed. The opposite way, if you want your users to always be able to open your url, is to them choose: startActivity(Intent.createChooser(intent), "Tit
Dynamically created grid in PHP/CSS looks wrong only in Android Firefox browser?
I managed to fix this by adding a new line (literally an enter) after the div. So literally echo "</div> "; instead of echo "</div>"; No idea why that changed it.
When typing in android firefox browser the keyboard is making my screen smaller
I'm pretty sure it has something to do with; .mainbody { width:100%; Height:100%; } Not sure if that's the case thought, can't imagine Android would make the sitescreen smaller for the keyboard thought... I'm also not quite sure why you are putting overflow: hidden on your html, body. Could you explain?
How to restart Mozila Firefox browser from firefox extension
Use this code: function restart() { let canceled = Cc["@mozilla.org/supports-PRBool;1"] .createInstance(Ci.nsISupportsPRBool); Services.obs.notifyObservers(canceled, "quit-application-requested", "restart"); if (canceled.data) return false; // somebody canceled our quit request // disable fastload cache? if (getPref("disable_fastload")) Services.appinfo.invalidateCachesOnRestar
bash script openning firefox browser from browser
Make sure you're running your script on a terminal under same user and same X session. The DISPLAY variable should be set. Add this line to know more info: ... echo "DISPLAY: "$DISPLAY", whoami: $(whoami)" /usr/bin/firefox http://www.google.fr ## No need to add &. Your user should be the same as the one on your X session. If DISPLAY has no value, try setting to :0.0 as a quick hack: ... e

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