Rails 4 JSON attribute type not working with Postgres

OK, so it turns out at one point I had installed postgres via homebrew, and had also done so with Postgres.app at a different time. I began to realize this by checking the version of 'psql' and 'postgres' and noticed the distinction.

psql --version
psql (PostgreSQL) 9.0.4

postgres --version
postgres (PostgreSQL) 9.2.4

I uninstalled Postgres.app using their documentation here and then using homebrew ensured I was using the most recent version of postgres.

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I think you can use postgresql check constraint valid the email column format. or in your apps. for exp : digoal=# create domain email as text constraint ck check (value ~ '^.+@.+..+$'); CREATE DOMAIN digoal=# select 'digoal'::email; ERROR: value for domain email violates check constraint "ck" digoal=# select 'digoal@1'::email; ERROR: value for domain email violates check constraint "ck" digoa
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Profile.where(found: true).select("DISTINCT ON( profiles.email ) profiles.*, integration_profiles.data as integration_profiles_data, integrations.provider as integration_providers").reorder("profiles.email").order("profiles.age")
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I am a bit of a newbie and may have misunderstood your question - but. Developed a ROR application using postgress database. Then uploaded to Heroku. I ran DB/Migrate/schema.rb to set up the remote Postgresql database. From memory heroku run rake db:init (but I could be wrong). Whenver I update the database in develpment to get update in Heroku I have to promote code and run heroku run rake
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setval and nextval will work regardless of whether there is data in the table that the sequence is attached to. A sequence can be created and incremented without even being associated to a column of an existing table. When you use Model.select to execute the raw SQL, ActiveRecord generates the SQL with a from clause for the table of the model you are using: > App.select("setval('apps_id_seq'::
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The problem is still your pg_hba.conf file (/etc/postgresql/9.1/main/pg_hba.conf). This line: local all postgres peer Should be local all postgres md5 These are brief descriptions of both options according to the official PostgreSQL docs on authentication methods. Peer authentication The peer authe

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