MySQL - question marks

Your database table column should be created with proper charset and collation. You can define theit while creating or altering a table:

col_name {CHAR | VARCHAR | TEXT}
    [CHARACTER SET charset_name]
    [COLLATE collation_name]

Here is the mysql link to help you learn more about it:

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The php module in mysql can't set itself to utf8 automatically based on the configurations. Probably nobody knows, why. The workaround is a SET NAMES 'utf8'; query at the beginning of every mysql connection. I see in your question, that you are playing around with this bug already. No, you don't need utf8_encode and such tricks after you set this up. Alternative things ($something->connect
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At some point in the process the wrong encoding is being used, most likely something like ISO-8859-1 which doesn't support those characters. You need to check each step in the chain (i.e. database drivers, database, database server, web page encoding, etc) to identify where the corruption occurs and then change the configuration on that link.
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After changing both the collation and the web.config as described, the only thing that I didn't change was the procedures in the DB. So, after changing from this: pCategoryDescH varchar(300) to this: pCategoryDescH nvarchar(300) finally it worked. The solution was found here
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You might looking for Character Encoding If you don't even know where to get Arabic characters, but you want to display them, then you're doing something wrong. Save files containing Arabic characters with encoding UTF-8. A good editor allows you to set the character encoding. In the HTML page, place the following after : <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8">
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Have a look here: jQuery doesn't display Hebrew And be totally sure first that your JSON files are actually enconded in UTF-8 You might want to check how your server is serving those JSON and which codification they have. Check also this link: Quick overview: “V8 currently only accepts characters in the BMP as inp

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