Getting Arabic Query String in Question Marks

Your Apache server probably doesn't accept UTF-8 URL encoding. See this answer to solve your problem.

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Arabic turn to strange Question marks
Looking at your screen shot it looks as though you already have some unicode data but as I rough top-down walk through. You should be using nvarchar to store your strings as it is unicode it will record Arabic or extended characters without issue. You also need to check that your character encoding is setup (UTF8 is usually a good bet) and passed through all various places correctly. If you are u
arabic characters displaying like question marks in javascript
Try to add charset="UTF-8" in your HTML It should look like this <script language="JavaScript1.2" src="pages/KeyboardAutomaticChange.js" charset="UTF-8"> </script> If this fails then your javascript file KeyboardAutomaticChange.js probably is saved with encoding that is not utf-8. I would suggest creating a new javascript file in a text editor which has been configured to save fil
Arabic text displayed as question marks in QT application
With Qt 5.3, the following code works for me on Windows 7: #include <QtWidgets> int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { QApplication app(argc, argv); QTextCodec *codec = QTextCodec::codecForName("UTF-8"); QPushButton *findButton = new QPushButton(codec->toUnicode("ابدأ")); findButton->show(); return app.exec(); } #include "main.moc" It could be that this is this
tcpdf for Arabic display the characters as question marks '?????? ???'
there might be issue with your character set in your code here is very good example for official TCPDF to use arabic character to write new pdf. just go throw this example with your application you can sure solve your issue. hope this will help to you.
How to display arabic and kurdish text instead of question marks android
use mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8'", $connect); after making database connection for example - $connect = mysql_connect(dbhost, user, password) or die("MySQL Error: " . mysql_error()); $db = mysql_select_db(dbname) or die("MySQL Error: " . mysql_error()); mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET 'utf8'", $connect)

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