nsIPrefBranch for Firefox for android extension returns NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED

Bootstrapped (restartless) add-ons do not support auto-prefs via defaults/preferences. It is the responsibility of your bootstrap code to set up default preferences accordingly.

Since your auto-prefs were never loaded, the getCharPref() call has to fail.

You will need to get the default branch and seed your preferences. An easy way to do so would be:

const PREFS = {
  someIntPref: 1,
  someStringPref: "some text value"

function setDefaultPrefs() {
  let branch =
  for (let [key, val] in Iterator(PREFS)) {
    switch (typeof val) {
      case "boolean":
        branch.setBoolPref(key, val);
      case "number":
        branch.setIntPref(key, val);
      case "string":
        branch.setCharPref(key, val);

function startup(aData, aReason) {
  // Always set the default prefs as they
disappear on restart

There are alternatives, like using mozISubscriptLoader or Sandboxes, but I don't really have stand-alone code that can be easily copied for that.

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