Issues creating new Rails app (rake 10.1.0/Bundler failure)

maybe this helps you the problem is not in gems!

Rails: rake db:migrate failure `verify_readonly_attribute`

Check this answer: Problem with counter_cache implementation Also you might to take the 2nd advice: find_each instead of each

Issues creating new Rails app (rake 10.1.0/Bundler failure)

maybe this helps you the problem is not in gems!

Rails App, Elastic Beanstalk and REST API failure: (Bundler::GemNotFound)

sqlite3 should only be used for development/test environments. In your gemfile the sqlite3 gem should be under a seperate group like this:

group :test, :development do
    gem 'sqlite3'

You can then add a seperate group for whatever database you want to use for your deployment, like mysql:

group :production do
   gem 'mysql2'

Also make sure to configure your database.yml file for the production database.

Bundler issues in installing rails on ubuntu

do this:

rvm @global do gem uninstall bundler -ax
gem install bundler -v '~>1.0.0'

this will remove the globally installed bundler (available for all gemsets on this ruby) and install compatible local version only for current gemset.

Rails 3.2 rake compilation issues

You are using haml 3.1.6 which is breaks on this version of sass.

The best fix is to update to the newest version of haml 4.0.x:

$ bundle update haml haml-rails

Rails (One Month Rails) "Bundle Install" Failure, creating new application

The problem is you need to install the dependencies (header files) for the gem

Because the gem is sqlite3, I would recommend looking at installing sqlite on your system. I think you're using CentOS (?) - if so, you might want to try this:

yum install sqlite

If this doesn't work, there's a great tutorial here: Error installing sqlite3 gem via bundler

tar -zxvf sqlite-autoconf-3070701.tar.gz
cd sqlite-autoconf-3070701
./configure --prefix=$HOME
make && make install

vi Gemfile

Other than that - the best advice is to look on Google for how to install sqlite (not the gem -- the actual files) on your system. This will then allow you to either instal the gem as required or, as is often the case, you'll be able to specify any extra arguments to use

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