dos2unix support for file with unicode characters

It depends which implementation and version of dos2unix you use. This implementation ( supports Unicode since version 6.0.

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Converting binary stored Unicode Chinese Characters back to Unicode using Python 3
Thanks to a suggestion by @eryksun I solved my issue by re-encoding the source file to UTF-8 from ASCII. The question is different but the solution is here : Alternatively if you are using Eclipse you can paste a non roman character (such as a Chinese character like 大) into your source code and save the file. If the source is not already UTF-8 E
Beautfiul Soup 3: convert two-byte Unicode sequences to actual Unicode characters
The characters you are looking at look like double-encoded UTF-8. If the input is hosed, there really isn't anything BeautifulSoup can do to rectify it. BeautifulSoup basically returns Unicode always, which is just as it should be (unless you are actually into manipulating encodings, in which case it's a hopeless hassle). It is possible, though unlikely, that BeautifulSoup is the source for the
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The nltk does not yet work really well with unicode, although they are working on it. As a bit of a quick fix, you can create a subclass for the concordance and overwrite the print_concordance method to make sure you are encoding/decoding at the right times for processing and display purposes. Here is a really quick fix, assuming you have already imported the nltk (I am using as an example part of
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I'm looking to convert all JSON Unicode to their specific Unicode values I doubt you want to convert all characters to u-escapes. In that case Let's party would become u004cu0065u0074u0027u0073u0020u0050u0061u0072u0074u0079. There is nothing special about the apostrophe or ampersand that means it has to be encoded in JSON, although some encoders do so anyway (it can have advantages for using
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This is not utf-8: print txt.decode('iso8859-1') Out[14]: médico If you want utf-8 string, use: txt.decode('iso8859-1').encode('utf-8') Out[15]: 'mxc3xa9dico'

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