Rackspace Cloud Files - [curl] 6: Couldn't resolve host 'identity.api.rackspacecloud.com' Exception thrown

Adding Google DNS nameserver, solves the problem.

In server, the nameserver defined in /etc/resolv.conf is


which is recommended nameserver by Rackspace for UK.

So the curl in command prompt works, but not work in php. So I decide to add google DNS along with it. Now the /etc/resolv.conf like this:


Everything works fine...

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The S3 plugin for Swift is not deployed as part of Rackspace Cloud Files (most production deploys of openstack don't deploy it by default). However, if you want better flexibility in the app, you can use a cross cloud toolkit such as libcloud (python), fog (ruby), jclouds (java), pkgcloud (node/js). This means you can use a simpler abstraction and support multiple providers within your application
Getting an object's links in Rackspace cloud files API
I figured it out... First, I should get the public URI of the object's container, not from the object. Then I use a CloudFilesClient object. On the container I need to use getCDNMetadata("containername").getCDNUri()
How Do I Set Content-Type for Objects On Rackspace Cloud Files?
Solved it! The problem was that it's not Metadata and that BlobBuilder.PayloadBlobBuilder has a method called contentType where you can set the String value. Blob blob = storage.blobBuilder(file.getName()) .payload(file).contentType(content_type).build(); storage.putBlob(container, blob);
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You can iterate over the Rackspace regions to get the Cloud Files endpoints, and then you can query each endpoint to see if the container exists there. Something like the following: package org.jclouds.examples.rackspace.cloudfiles; import static org.jclouds.examples.rackspace.cloudfiles.Constants.PROVIDER; import java.io.IOException; import java.util.Set; import org.jclouds.ContextBuilder; i
Authenticating restricted user to Cloud Files on Rackspace using openstack.net
Based on my observations today, it appears that Username+API Key authentication does not work for users created through the User Management feature. However, for those users you can use Username+Password authentication for API access to features like Cloud Files.

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