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C++/CLI — 0xc000007b (INVALID_IMAGE_FORMAT) with /clr option on
by Mistere in Programming Languages

I'm trying to build a C++/CLI executable to which I statically link ffmpeg (libavcodec, libavformat, libavutil & swscale). It works fine if I build it normally (without /clr, so no CLR support), it works. However, when I add CLR support, it won't start up with a 0xc000007b. A "Hello World" C++/CLI app runs fine, though.

Supposedly the same thing happens with Boost::Threads, but

MSVC 2010 - Error 0xc000007b when building in x64
by orson in Programming Languages

The title is pretty straightforward - I can't get anything at all to run when building in x64 and I get a message box with this error code. Do you know what may be the problem here?

C++ SDL “Native' has exited with code -1073741701 (0xc000007b)”
by Jouni in Programming Languages

My Code

#include "SDL.h"
#include <iostream>
#undef main
int main ( void ) {
SDL_Quit( );
return 0;

I followed LazyFoo's tut, but I still needed to modify my settings even to build the solution.
Now, every time I debug it I get this:

The program [11228] xxx.exe

After in VS2010 include other library, app fail on start with error 0xC000007b
by WasntEnough in Programming Languages

I have a problem, downloaded curl developemnt package but if i
add in my visual studio .lib file form this program fail with
0xC000007b on startup.

I trying download all complete source in this i can download simple vs6
project but without errors i convert it to visual studio 2010, i compile
this solution normally, libcurl with curl.exe working good but if i try

FlashDevelop Done(-1073741701) - Application was unable to start correctly (0xC000007b)
by NikolaeVarius in Web Design

Last Friday my FlashDevelop 4.2.3 RTM was working perfectly, and today I get into the office and it can't build anything.

Whenever I try to build it shows this:

Running process: C:Program Files (x86)FlashDevelopToolsfdbuildfdbuild.exe "C:UsersamDesktopHelloWorldHelloWorld.as3proj" -ipc 995119eb-7013-4f3c-936b-e091308da1c2 -version "4.6.0; 3.5" -compiler "C:Program Fi

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