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ADO.NET Data Services querying against LINQ to NHibernate: “Could not understand: (IIF(([1003] = null), null, Convert([1003].Contains(”nam
by Jimmy G. in Programming Languages

I'm trying to perform a simple query using ADO.NET Data Services running against LINQ to NHibernate. I can execute this query

var query = _context.CreateQuery("FileDTOs")
.Where(file => file.Name.Contains("name"));

I can run a similar query directly against LINQ to NHibernate without issues, but when I pass the same query through Data Service

How to Install an Alpine CVA-1003
by saikoh in Cars
The Alpine CVA-1003 is a mobile multimedia station that you can use as a replacement for your factory-installed radio. Installing the unit in your vehicle is similar to installing a new stereo or CD player. The CVA-1003 is installed in the same opening in the dash as the factory-installed radio. This means you can install the Alpine SVA-1003 by first removing the factory radio from the dash of you

How to Stop Error 1003
by The_Eclectic1 in Computers
The event ID 1003 error is a Windows security configuration editor client engine (SceCli) system error related to the local security authority subsystem service (LSASS) and security accounts manager (SAM). The event ID 1003 error usually indicates that you have some security policy files missing or that you have no mapping between account names and security IDs on the system.Difficulty:ModerateIns
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NSUrlConnection occassionally getting -1003 (DNS issue)
by yhelothar in Mobile Programming

NSUrlConnection occassionally getting -1003 (DNS issue)

But when I go into Safari and everything is fine and can go to any web site.
When I check on the browser, the site I am going to is also returning OK.
Is there some API to call for cleanup? Thanks.

Setup Options on an Alpine CVA 1003
by Javed in Cars
The Alpine CVA 1003 is an in-dash multimedia center equipped with a large flip-out screen. In addition to basic CD player and radio functionality, the unit is capable of performing a number of different multimedia tasks. Despite the recent satellite radio merger, the XM radio functionality built into the CVA 1003 is still capable of receiving a satellite radio signal. Furthermore, the options for

LabView NXT Programming - Error 1003
by Engr62 in Web Design

I'm using the NXT toolkit addon for LabView 2009 and I'm trying to download a program, targetted to the NXT onto the brick. When compiling, it fails with the error.

Error 1003: The VI is not executable. Most likely the VI is broken or one of its subVIs cannot be located. Select File>>Open to open the VI and then verify that you are able to run it.

Retry the

IEEE 1003.1 licenses compared
by jihe in Operating Systems

Software or real people can technically copy a BSD software, install it and sell it. What are technical and licence advantages and disadvantages compared to taking Linux or other 1003.1 and delivering or selling it?
Which license is most flexible for instance when selling or delivering a computer BSD licence seems more flexible than Linux and other specs also interesting (Haiku and likewi

NHibernate Linq error Could not understand: (ConvertChecked([1003]) = 2)
by nipj in Development Tools & Services

I have a column called TemplateType mapped as follows in my NHibernate library:

Map(x => x.TemplateType).Not.Nullable().CustomType(typeof(TemplateType)); //x is an instance of type <Template>

So, is mapped to an int column in the database table: Template

Now when I am trying to get list of Template objects filtered with TemplayeType value

Problem Installing XP With a BIOS Version ACPI 1003 to an Asus P4XP-X
by cmt95 in Computers
If you cannot install Windows XP, then it is likely a problem with your hardware. If you are using the 1003 revision BIOS with the Asus P4XP-X, then this will be the cause of your error. Asus only officially links to 1004 and 1005 on their website in the BIOS revision history. On their CPU compatibility list, no CPUs are shown to be compatible with the 1003 revision firmware. This can sometimes ha

iPhone In-App Purchase Store Kit error -1003 “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”
by ShortOne in Mobile Programming

I've been working on adding in-app purchases and was able to create and test in-app purchases using Store Kit (yay!). During testing, I exercised my app in a way which caused the app to crash mid purchase (so I guess the normal cycle of receiving paymentQueue:updatedTransactions and calling finishTransaction was interrupted).

Now I am unable to successfully complete any transaction


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