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What Is the Difference Between a 2011 Kia Sorento LX and a 2011 Kia Sorento Ex?
by eastcoastj in Cars
The 2011 Kia Sorento LX and EX are mid-size crossover sport utility vehicles. The Sorento debuted in 2002 as a truck-based, frame-on-body sport utility vehicle. In 2009, Kia switched to a crossover design with a unibody construction for a softer passenger car-type ride. The LX is the base model and the EX is the mid-range trim level. The SX is the luxury-oriented top trim level. BackgroundKia i

CRM 2011 C# Confirmation Box
by Master843 in C & C++ & C#

Can I have a confirmation box in a synchronous (or asynchronous) plug-in.
I need some confirmation for an import:
3 new products will be created
2 new departments will be created
(Click OK to Proceed)

Currently there is a staging entity for periodic price list imports from excel;
the plug-in is registered 'On Create' of this entity and creates or updates pro

how to add web reference in MS CRM 2011
by Anubis in Web Design

on MS CRM 4.0, we can add this web service as web reference:

to get all CRM entities to our local,

actually i just want to create a class library project and add web reference to CRM web service, and get all original and my customized entities?

i knew the tool cmrsvcutil.exe (in CRMSDK) can generate all entitie

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CRM 2011 how to use SharePointDocumentLocation
by Magic Carpet in Software

I'm trying to use the following code to retrieve the SharePoint URL of a record:

RetrieveAbsoluteAndSiteCollectionUrlRequest retrieveRequest = new RetrieveAbsoluteAndSiteCollectionUrlRequest
Target = new EntityReference(SharePointDocumentLocation.EntityLogicalName, _spDocLocId)

CRM 2011 JavaScript IDE
by Vinicios in Javascript

I am looking for some sort of tool which does not necessarily need to be CRM specific, rather i am just looking for some sort of javascript compiler which will detect basic syntactic issues ahead of time.

Visual Studio seems to ignore things like:

var fetchXml = new String();
fetchxml = "fetchstring";

I had a look at apanta studio 3 which see

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CRM 2011 EmailHashBase
by Ansari in Databases

I have just upgraded to CRM 2011 from 4.0, and I'm seeing a lot of errors in the application log, I think owing to the email router. The error text is "Query execution time of 30.0 seconds exceeded the threshold of 10 seconds".

Here's the query it's executing:

WITH Candidates
) AS
(SELECT Activity

MS CRM 2011 - New Polaris UI - how can I get it?
by Justin Blanton in Web Design

How can I get the new Polaris UI that was supposed to be released December? I heard it was released then was recalled. How can I access a beta copy for a client demo?

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RAD Studio 2011 ( ? )
by PrinceMyshkin in Programming Languages

is there any information available for the next version ( 2011 ?? ) of Delphi/cbuilder from Embarcadero ?.

Is there some link somewhere pointing to info related to next Delphi / cbuilder , when and what it might be in ?


Thanks a lot.


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Dynamics CRM 2011
by ShifterMSK in Programming Languages

I am new to Dynamics CRM 2011 Online. I am try to generate the data context class using CrmSvcUtil.exe

This is my command:

CrmSvcUtil.exe /out:E:OrgXrm.cs
/username:MDTest@MDTestUser.onmicrosoft.com /password:Password

But its giving an error:


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How do you do indexing on Crm 2011?
by Carbito in Web Design

We are using Crm 2011 as our persistence layer and we noticed terrible performance.

We looked and lo and behold there are indexing, but the indexing is a composite of all the columns in the entity (well almost). Which makes it practically useless for all intent and purposes.

So how do I speed this up? I could go to the database and manually add an index, but I want to g

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