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date function to display 7-12-2012 instead of 07-12-2012 & 01-01-2012 as 1-1-2012
Category : Programming Languages

the date function is displaying 07-12-2012 instead of 7-12-2012

I am using this date("Y-m-d H:i:s")

I want to display 7th December 2012 as 7-12-2012

what about displaying month as 1-1-2012 rather than 01-01-2012 for 1st Jan 2012

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MySQL - Showing blog archives: March 2012, April 2012, May 2012
Category : Databases

I have built a blog and now want to show a list of archive blog posts by month and year, but with counts, like this:

January 2012 --- 1,054
February 2012 --- 403
March 2012 ------ 972
April 2012 ------ 103

I have a table called "blog_articles" containing these primary fields:

article_id INT
published DATETIM

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Generating single exe InstallShield 2012 limited edtion in visual Studio 2012
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using InstallShield Wizard spring limited edition in Visual Studio 2012. I want to know how can I generate a SINGLE .EXE installer file in installshield, I'm now getting two ini files, a cab file, an msi file and an exe file.

Thank You

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Opening solutions built with Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 with VS Express 2012 for Web
Category : Programming Languages

Does anyone know if there have been any issues installing both the express 2012 and ultimate version of VS 2012.

I have to work on some projects from a couple of different locations. I have ultimate 2012 installed at home and I was wondering if I create a project on Ultimate 2012 would I be able to open the solution on the Express edition for web? I would assume that I would be able

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Issue Signing InstallShield 2012 LE Installer Via Visual Studio 2012
Category : Programming Languages

I'm trying to sign my setup package from within InstallShield 2012LE in Visual Studio 2012. I have an MS Authenticode Cert from Symantec (VeriSign). There are two issues I'm seeing.

Firstly if I select Sign Output Files -> Setup.exe and Windows Installer Package (Or just windows installer package) visual studio crashes. Event Log shows two errors

Faulting applicati

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Auto Convert “November 02, 2012 at 12:38PM” to 11/2/2012 12:38:00 in google spreadsheet
Category : Development Tools & Services

I have dates that get entered into a Google Spreadsheet based on Google Calendar events, but the date is recognized as a string and formatted like this:

November 02, 2012 at 12:38PM

In order to read them with Timeline JS I need to have the date in this format:

11/2/2012 12:38:00

I searched for a script for this, but couldn

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Defining a POST ajax call with KendoUI 2012 and VS 2012
Category : Programming Languages

I'm new to Visual Studio and .net, so forgive me if I have some of the basics wrong.

This is what I wanna doe: fill content of a kendoui dropdownlist by using an ajax call. Now have I understood that it is preferred to use POST actions, but I cant get it to work.

Here's my code within the view:

@(Html.Kendo().DropDownListFor(model => model.TypeId)

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EF 5 Code First with SQL Server Express 2012 and Visual Studio 2012
Category : Programming Languages

I just cannot get this to work ! I looked at all other related threads, and none of them work for me. Here is my connection string at the moment:

<add name='UniContext' connectionString='Server=.SQLEXPRESS;Database=ContosoUni;Integrated Security=SSPI;User Instance=true' providerName='System.Data.EntityClient'/>

The error I get is:

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Pre-Login Handshake Error Connecting to SQL Server 2012 through VS 2012
Category : Databases

So I'm simply trying to connect to a SQL Server 2012 instance running on a local server running Windows Server 2012 through Visual Studio 2012's SQL Server Object Explorer. I can connect to it through other computers, locally and remotely, perfectly fine, but for some reason my desktop gives me this lovely error:

"A connection was successfully established with the server, but then a

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Print Text on Submit - VB.NET 2012, MVC 4, Visual Studio 2012
Category : VB & VBnet

The Tools Used: VB.NET 2012, MVC 4, Visual Studio 2012

The Controller: SubmitFormController.vb
Namespace MvcApplication19
Public Class UserNamePrintOutSubmitClassController
Inherits System.Web.Mvc.Controller
' This method will handle GET
Function Technology() As ActionResult
Return View("Technology")

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