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Project Server 2013 PSI calls from Sharepoint 2013
Category : Programming Languages

I'm migrating code from 2010 to 2013.

I have a user control that I deploy in Sharepoint that calls the PSI. In 2010 it was working well. Now in 2013 and Claims authentication, I always get: "The HTTP request is unauthorized with client authentication scheme 'Ntlm'. The authentication header received from the server was 'NTLM,Negotiate'." when I call any PSI (even GetCurrentUserUid)

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Access 2013 and Sharepoint 2013 Web Integration
Category : Databases

First of all, this question is somewhat high level (or as I also like to call it.. Vague). I have worked in a few IT departments and every place I go I seem to see the same thing, users are looking for a way to bring there old access databases for things like IT inventory and task management onto the web. SharePoint is the obvious choice, but it seems it can get about 90% of the way there out o

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Error: Access 2013 creating a table that's a linked table to Sharepoint 2007/2013
Category : Databases

I am looking at Access 2013 and when trying to create a linked table to a Sharepoint list, I keep receiving an error:

Access Services
Access can't connect to the external data source because the LocalDB component or the SQL Native Client component are not installed.

That's all there is to the error.

I am an admin with "Full Control" rights to Sharepoin

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MySQL date conversion(“30-Jan-2013” to “2013-01-28”)
Category : Databases

In my page (PHP), I have date format like this: "30-Jan-2013". I want to convert this format to "2013-01-28".

Is it possible in MySQL date format?

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How to migrate an add-in to Office 2013?
Category : Programming Languages

I've found this link, the bottom line of which foretells that what I've been using this far to create Office add-ins (i.e. good, old, nice C# code) is to be entirely exchanged for JavaScript.

For instance, we've got a solution that puts a set of buttons on the ribbon and communicates with a CRM server to add data (one in Outlook and one in Word). Will those need to be rewritten as a

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Is it possible to use MMPCM for SharePoint 2013?
Category : Software

I am currently working with MMPCM in SharePoint 2010. I want to get it worked in SharePoint 2013. So I want to know whether it is possible to use MMPCM for SharePoint 2013.

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Jan 2013 - Admob AND AdWhirl?
Category : Programming Languages

I have read through lots of questions but they are all outdated and I know something went on where admob stopped adwhirl using it's ads or something.

I want to know if it is possible to have my new android app have both adwhirl and admob in it at the same time?

Thank You

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Outlook 2013 add-in with VS 2010
Category : Programming Languages

Sorry for asking such a stupid question, but i googled for about two hours and couldn't find an answer to my question:

How can i develop an Outlook 2013 add-in?

I have an add-in which was created in C# 2010 and for Outlook 2010. Now i would like to extend it in that way, that in Outlook 2013 are the two explorer events InlineResponse and InlineResponseClose.

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New Watch Action 2013
Category : Development Tools & Services

Hello we have build new app with Watch Action using: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/technical-guides/opengraph/built-in-actions/howto-watch/

But Facebook is not approving watch actions done by this doc. since last changes.

Anyone know how should the new Watch Actions done for approval?

The app url: http://smile.mk/video/


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MySQL Error 2013 :
Category : Databases

I am facing connection failure to MySQL problem when I run my program for more than couple of days.MySQL Error Code is 2013 while connecting to Database. MySQL server and client programs are both on same machine. I am using FC5 as my OS and MySQL version is 5.0.18. Can anybody throw some light on this?

I am getting mysql error 2013 while calling mysql_real_connect()...


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