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jquery datepicker defaultDate going to 23/02/2016?
by acolomba in Programming Languages

I've added the detaultDate to my datepicker, it is getting the default date from a database, if i look at the source code of my page when ran the defaultDate looks fine but it goes to a completely different date, date format is dd/mm/yyyy.

changeMonth: false,
changeYear: false,
dateFormat: 'dd/mm/yyyy',
defaultDate: '01/

Troubleshooting LG Wm-2016 Washer Problems
by Vlad Sirenko in Home & Garden
The model WM-2016 is a front-loading washing machine manufactured by LG Electronics. This high-efficiency washer weighs 197 lbs. and spins at speeds up to 1,050 revolutions per minute. If the washer fails during the first year of ownership, LG will repair or replace the appliance free of charge. The electronic control board is covered for under warranty for two years and the drum motor is covered

Timex Expedition CR 2016 Cell LR Instructions
by GalaxiaGuy in Sports & Fitness
The Timex Expedition series of watches offers the user options for altimeters, compasses and timepieces. The Expedition series use CR 2016 cell batteries. Over time and use, the battery wears out, requiring a fresh one to be placed in the watch. Instead of taking the watch to a jeweler, save time and money and replace it yourself. The process is a shade tricky, as the screws on the watch are very

error 2016: Condition cannot be specified for Column member
by PatrickSimonHenk in Coding

I am having some issues with Entity Framework in VS2010

The problem I'm getting is described very well here...


It's basically happening when a Foreign key is pointed at the primary key of another table...but if I take off the StoreGeneratedPattern as "Identity", t

EF4 0..1 relationship leads to Error 2016: Condition cannot be specified
by 007ELmO in Coding

This is very similar to a previous question (and may be the exact same question) but I really didn't understand the answers enough to be able to tell for sure.

I am using Entity Framework 4 in Visual Studio RC1 to create an azure service app (so it is .Net 3.5). I have a database with a lot of patterns like the following:

Thing ThingType

How to Replace the 2016 Battery for a Timex Ironman
by FlyOnTheWall43 in Sports & Fitness
The Ironman series of watches began in 1986, inspired by the Ironman Triathlon. The Ironman series was created to appeal to athletes by including a precise stopwatch and a higher level of durability and water resistance than many other watches of the time. In many digital watches, replacing the battery is a simple process of opening the back of the watch, replacing the battery and closing the watc

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