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Gifts for a 24th Anniversary
by apaunchev in Weddings
A wedding anniversary is special time for a couple to celebrate their union. You can commemorate this by exchanging a gift. However, after 24 years of marriage, choosing a unique and original anniversary gift can be tough. You can get some much-needed inspiration from modern and gemstone gift lists that have been created throughout the years. Alternatively, you can choose a personalized or creativ

24th Birthday Ideas
by nedfunnell in Holidays & Celebrations
Your mid-twenties are the best time for birthday parties. You are old enough to drink legally, your friends are old enough to drink legally and most likely you still have the energy and enthusiasm that you did when you where 16. So, what are good 24th birthday ideas, well that depends a lot on your interest and budget. Bowling and Beerbowling pins and bowling ballYou can leave out the beer part

24th Birthday Party Ideas
by htcg1htcg1 in Holidays & Celebrations
While 24 may not be a milestone birthday, it's still a good reason to celebrate. Planning a theme party for friends and family can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate the occasion. All White PartyPina Coladas the Perfect Drink for an All White PartyP. Diddy started a yearly tradition with his All White Party and it can also be the perfect theme for a 24th birthday bash. Send out white invit

24th Birthday Present Ideas
by John Studdert in Holidays & Celebrations
Any given 24-year-old might be just a few years removed from graduating college, starting a new job or settling into a first apartment. Keeping that in mind, here are some birthday present ideas for your average 24-year-old. Professional outfitsDressed for successMake sure the 24-year-old dresses to impress for their job. Pick out a lovely blouse or a nice tie for the guest of honor.

Ideas for a 24th Birthday in Mobile, AL
by manivel in Holidays & Celebrations
Mobile, Alabama, has something for everyone: whether you're a history buff and like to spend time at the USS Alabama battleship or you prefer metropolitan culture in the form of ballets and opera, you can find a way to celebrate your 24th birthday in style. BalletFor your 24th birthday, diverge from the bacchanal that generally characterizes birthday celebrations for those in their twenties by

Funny Activities to Do on My 24th Birthday
by KingGuppy in Holidays & Celebrations
Every birthday should be cause for celebration no matter what your age, but sometimes finding ideas for those years that fall in between major milestones can be tough. While 21st and 25th birthdays are traditionally celebrated with large fetes of some sort, there is no reason that a 24th birthday can't be full of fun and excitement as well. Whether you choose to throw a party, organize an activity

24th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
by WiseUp216 in Culture & Society
Wedding anniversaries symbolize the deep commitment couples make to each other and the lasting bond that has resulted from persevering through the good and bad times. The 24th wedding anniversary gift should be not only a reminder of the devotion you still have to your spouse but a beautiful token that will be admired and appreciated throughout the years to come. While there are not any specified

Gift Ideas for a Woman's 24th Birthday
by Jimzz in Holidays & Celebrations
Birthday girls turning 24 in today's world are active, intelligent, busy and intuitive. They enjoy special gifts for their birthday, but more importantly, they enjoy the purpose behind the present. Women at the age of 24 care for their families, their planet, their communities and their health. They enjoy consideration to these factors when it comes to presents. No matter the gift that you choose,

Is the Gideon Sundback zipper doodle[Google,24th April] completely javascript?
by dormsbee in Javascript

Is the Gideon Sundback google doodle implemented in javascript ?

I tried to trace through firebug, but could not really "get" its implementation details ?

Any thoughts on how it might be implemented ?

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