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What Is the 25th Anniversary?
by Jammy in Culture & Society
The 25th anniversary commemorates the quarter-century since an event took place. In terms of world history, the 25th anniversary provides a time to look back and reflect on how things have changed since a major global event such as a war, election or assassination. Many inheritance trusts use a child's 25th anniversary (birthday) as the occasion upon which she comes into full ownership of the trus

Flowers for a 25th Anniversary
by mikk in Holidays & Celebrations
The 25th wedding anniversary is a significant event that deserves a festive celebration. Traditional silver embellishments and iris blossoms are in order for this occasion. But don't let tradition hem you in. If you're celebrating this anniversary or planning a party for the happily married couple, you have many options when it comes to flowers. Silver and WhitePure white roses are appropriate

Tips for a 25th Anniversary
by lietkynes in Holidays & Celebrations
The 25th anniversary is an important milestone for any couple and deserves a fitting celebration. Whether you're planning a bash for 100 people or having a small family dinner, you can make your 25th anniversary the most memorable anniversary yet. Choosing a CelebrationDiscuss with your spouse the kind of celebration you want to have. Are you both outgoing or more introverted? Do you like big g

Things to Do on Your 25th Birthday
by Uppsala9496 in Holidays & Celebrations
Turning 25 is a significant milestone for a young adult and certainly an occasion worthy of a celebration. Though there is no typical way to celebrate the day, usually this birthday involves eating, drinking and reminiscing with friends and family. Even though you are now more mature than ever, this is an occasion to celebrate your spirit, spunk and accomplishments. Quarter Hour CelebrationsC

How to MC a 25th Wedding Anniversary
by Idontcare in Parties & Entertaining
If you've been asked to emcee an anniversary party, you may be a bit nervous or even intimidated, especially if you don't have much experience as a master of ceremonies. However, if you prepare well, employ a little common sense and follow a few easy guidelines, you and the party guests will have a great time. From announcing the couple's dance to introducing family members, the emcee has an impor

Guy's 25th Birthday Ideas
by Finland in Holidays & Celebrations
Planning a 25th birthday celebration for a husband, partner or friend can be challenging, there are so many things that you could do, it may be hard to decide. From a big party with lots of guests to an intimate meal with close friends, what you decide will depend upon your budget and guy's personality and taste. There are lots of ways to celebrate that do not cost you a small fortune, with a litt

What Is the Gift for a 25th Anniversary?
by Pablo in Weddings
Twenty-five years of marriage is a milestone many couples hope to celebrate during their lives together. When that day arrives, the appropriate gift -- both traditional and modern -- is silver. While you aren't required to give your spouse or another couple you know the gift of silver for the celebration of 25 years of marriage, there are plenty of silver gift ideas most people enjoy. Whether you'

25th-Reunion Ideas
by Florian Derudder in Parties & Entertaining
Class reunions are gatherings at which old classmates come together to recall the "good old days" and catch up on news about former friends. The 10-year reunion is usually the most popular. It also is the last get-together for most classes. The 25th class reunion allows former friends to reconnect for personal recreation and to explore network possibilities for professional purposes. 25 Is The
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25th Birthday Ideas
by Niels Kloster in Holidays & Celebrations
Not every birthday is a milestone like the 18 or 40, but that does not mean that every birthday can't be fun and memorable. Your 25th birthday offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate in a mature and grown-up way, without forgetting your youthful side that is still alive and kicking. Have a Throwback PartyNo better way remembers the past 25 years than having a throwback party. Serve kids foo

The Best Places for Your 25th Anniversary
by cmt95 in Parties & Entertaining
Celebrating a 25th anniversary is one of the biggest milestones of any relationship, with many couples choosing either a vacation or a more intimate night. Perhaps the most difficult decision associated with a 25th anniversary celebration is choosing the right place to make it a special occasion. Some of the more popular choices for anniversaries are dinners at a nice restaurant, vacations in exot

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