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What Is an iPhone 32GB?
by Imaginer in Electronics
iPhone 32GB refers to versions of Apple's iPhone smartphone with 32 gigabytes of on-board storage space. As of August 2011, Apple has released 32-gigabyte versions of both the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. Though the 32-gigabyte versions of the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 have the same amount of storage space, many of their other specifications differ. IdentificationApple released the 32GB version o
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How to Reset an iPod 32GB
by Kuer in Electronics
Resetting a 32 GB iPod touch is a frightening prospect. The restoration process deletes all data, including applications, music, movies and everything else when the device is restored to factory standard condition. Luckily, iTunes gives you the ability to back up your data before wiping the device clean. This means if your device locks up regularly and is functioning poorly, or you've forgotten yo
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How to Configure a 32Gb Phone
by Brazil in Electronics
Many modern smartphones, such as the iPhone 32G, come with the ability to configure your personal email account with the phone. This makes it possible to quickly check your email messages wherever there is cellular service. Apple has designed the iPhone so that the user can quickly configure his personal email accounts regardless of how much he may or may not know about electronics.Difficulty:Mode

iPhone 16GB vs. 32GB
by rcpratt in Electronics
The iPhone 4 is a smartphone made by Apple. The 16GB and 32GB are its two models. It comes in both white and black. The iPhone 4 has a touch screen, an internal antenna, voice dialing, caller ID and a speakerphone. It also offers Internet access and supports a variety of multimedia applications. Storage CapacityThe size of the flash drive is the biggest difference between the two phones. The 16
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Internet on the iTouch 8GB vs. 32GB
by Twista in Electronics
The iPod touch -- the top-tier model of the iPod portable digital multimedia player from Apple Inc. -- is available in three models based on size of flash memory drive, two of which are 8GB and 32GB. Regarding Internet or wireless access and specifications, the iPod touch 8GB and 32GB are the same. In fact, both models are similar in every way except for memory size and pricing. Wireless Connec

Does the 32GB iPod Have a Built-In Mic?
by Imaginer in Electronics
The only iPod model available in a 32GB version is the iPod Touch, Apple's Wi-Fi enabled touch-screen music player. Although all generations of the iPod Touch offer a 32GB version, whether your iPod has a built-in microphone depends on the generation to which it belongs. Built-In Microphone Support in 4th Generation ModelsThe built-in microphone is a feature that was added to the iPod Touch in

The Differences Between an 8GB & a 32GB iTouch
by DCal430 in Electronics
The iPod touch or iTouch as some refer to it, is one of the highest selling MP3 players on the market today. Manufactured by Apple Inc., it is well known for its wide range of functionality and ease of use for consumers. New "generations" of the iTouch are released regularly, each one offering more functionality and better hardware than the previous model. 4th GenerationThe iPod touch, is curr

How to Format a 32GB SD Card
by CraKaJaX in Computers
SD cards are the most common type of flash memory card. They are available in three sizes. The standard size SD cards are used in most digital cameras while miniSD and microSD cards are used in mobile phones and various other portable devices. Data storage capacities can be as high as 32 gigabytes for the standard-sized SD cards. Formatting a 32 GB SD card is no different than formatting any other
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How to Install Amon-Ra on a MyTouch 32GB
by Thaweesak Suksuwan in Electronics
Google's Android operating system offers smart phone users many customization options, primarily a a result of its open-source code. Hundreds of free and paid applications exist that add several aftermarket features to your Android handset. As is often the case with popular consumer software, several enterprising users have created exploits and modifications to modify the base functionality of th

Alternative to valgrind without 32Gb mem limit?
by rainy in Programming Languages

I am a great fan of valgrind, and have used it extensively to catch bugs in my code. However right now I am stuck with a bug which only manifests in particular circumstances, which require my program to malloc/use more than 32Gb of RAM (about 37 in fact), and valgrind has a hard-coded limit which says it won't let you alloc more than 32Gb. I've managed to find a couple of postings online where

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