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What Does 5.0Nm/5000 RPM Mean?
by Peter Z in Hobbies, Games & Toys
The units of 5.0Nm in the term 5.0Nm/5000 RPM represent a torque in Newton-meters. The 5000Rpm part of the term gives the speed of rotation of an engine in revolutions per minute. For a typical engine or motor, the torque that the machine can produce depends on the speed at which it is turning. The complete term expresses the torque that the engine can deliver when turning at the given speed. This
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The MPC 4000 Vs. the MPC 5000
by Mark Tran in Electronics
The MPC 4000 and the MPC 5000 are portable audio production workstations made by consumer electronics manufacturer Akai. Both devices are designed for professional audio production, with LCD screens and the ability to use them as drum machines and to produce sounds simulating such instruments as piano, bass, strings and horns. While the MPC 4000 has more features, the MPC 5000 is a newer, leaner a
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Intel 925 Vs. AMD 5000
by Chris in Computers
In comparing the Intel 925X chipset and compatible processors to the AMD 5000 chipset featuring the Athlon X2, you really have to look at not just their raw processing ability, but all the features that make them stand out from the competition. Intel and AMD are two of the largest and most successful manufacturers of high technology processors in the world, and are engaged in a constant technolog
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How to Troubleshoot a DVW-5000
by manivel in Electronics
The Sanyo DVW-5000 is a combo video player that plays both DVD discs and VHS tapes. When problems arise with the Sanyo DVW-5000, such as the device not powering on, not displaying video on the televisions or not transmitting sound properly, it's important to know what measures to take to troubleshoot the root of the problem. Many times these problems turn out to be bad cable connections, bad cable

AMD 5000 Vs. 6000
by joth in Computers
When it comes to your computer's performance, little matters as much as the quality of your central processing unit, or CPU. If you've settled on an AMD processor, the next step involves comparing the Athlon 64 x2 5000+ and Athlon 64 x2 6000+. Core Speed (GHz)The speed of the CPU, known as core speed, controls the overall speed of the computer. The 5000 processor boasts a speed of 2.6 GHz, and
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How to Convert 5000 PSI to Mpa
by ShortOne in Education
Psi stands for pounds per square inch while MPa stands for megapascals. Both of these units measure pressure. The pascal, named after the unit's creator Blaise Pascal, is the standard unit of pressure in the metric system. The English system of units uses psi instead, according to the University of North Carolina. Using conversion factors, you can convert from psi to MPa.Difficulty:Moderately Easy
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How to Identify an HP 5000 CPU
by Henrique in Computers
When performing maintenance or dealing with customer support for your HP DV5000 laptop, you may need to locate certain information about the system. One of the most important components that you may need to identify is the processor. The good news is that you don't need to know much about computers in order to find this information. In fact, you can locate it right from the computer's desktop.Diff
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How to Set Up a Coolsat 5000
by XLNC in Electronics
Not all Satellite TV services cost you an arm and a leg in installation fees and monthly bills. FTA satellite receivers acquire the free-to-air TV channels that are transmitted over the airwaves in an unencrypted signal. The FTA channels do not charge to connect to their feed and can be accessed using your existing satellite dish. The Coolsat 5000 FTA receiver connects to your home theater equipme
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How to Use a USB With Coolsat 5000
by rcpratt in Electronics
The Coolsat 5000 is a free-to-air satellite receiver that receives unscrambled programming from television stations around the world, without a monthly service fee. The equipment is different from pay-to-use equipment, such as DirecTV and Dish Network, as it does not receive most of the same premium stations as these providers. The Coolsat 5000 has a USB port, which is designed for keeping the rec
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How to Set Up an HP LaserJet 5000 GN Via IP
by James Clarke in Computers
Using a large format printer like the HP LaserJet 5000 GN allows businesses to consolidate their printing needs into a single unit, eliminating the need for costly personal printers and the maintenance that comes with them. Once the 5000 GN is in place, all business owners need to do is connect it to the company network, configure a static IP address for the unit and start printing.
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