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Is It Possible to copy/paste mongodb database files from 32bit(OS) to 64bit(OS) both on 64bit Architecture and go on?
Category : Operating Systems

As the subject relates, is it possible without future issues?.
Basically i'm posting this thread for future references, so people can watch the scenario.
What are the reasons of mongodb being limited to 2Gb?.
Can you please point out references so noobs like me can learn the deeps?.
Thank you very much.

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I want to run Turbo C++ in my 64bit laptop? But I can't find any version that support 64bit platforms
Category : C & C++ & C#

I want to run Turbo C++ in my 64bit laptop? But I can't find any version of tc that support 64bit platforms.

Do you know of any place I can download a compatible version?

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On Solaris Sparc 64bit, Can a 64bit process load a 32 bit shared library
Category : Programming Languages

On a 64bit Solaris Sparc system, can an Apache Server built in 64bit mode load a 32 bit plug-in?

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Better to install MySQL 32bit or 64bit on my 64bit Intel-based Mac (Perl/Python user)?
Category : Programming Languages

I have had numerous headaches trying to get the MySQL APIs for Perl and Python working on my 64 bit Macbook Pro (Leopard). I installed the 64 bit version of MySQL, but Googling around now I have the impression that this could be the source of my pain. None of the various blogs and SO answers quite seem to work (for example here on SO)

Could the 64 bit MySQL install be the culprit?

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How do you get Microsoft Access 2007 32bit to show 64bit ODBC Drivers on Windows 7 64bit?
Category : Operating Systems

I followed the advice here:

Windows 7 64 bit odbc drivers for Ms Access Missing

but it does not apply.

I have Oracle drivers that are 64bit. If I click the ODBC mmc in my admin tools I can see the DSN. In my properties of the ODBC administrator, it appears to be pointing to the 64bit version of the ODBC administrator, which is good:


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delphi xe3 dll injection for 64bit dll to 64bit proccess doesn't work
Category : Programming Languages

I'm using this code to inject my 64bit dll into a 64bit process on windows 7 64 bit,CreateRemoteThread return 200 but still the dll does not injected, I tested my dll with another source and it works fine, Process Explorer shows that my code does not work,What can be wrong with this code, I'm using delphi XE3 and i have compile the code on 64bit target platform.

function InjectD

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expose 32/64bit DLL APIs for 64bit device driver?
Category : Operating Systems

I am going to make a device driver for 64 bit platform (i.e. Win7) and I would also like to expose device APIs in DLLs which could be distributed to users writing their applications.

The question is, how could I build such DLLs both for 32bit and 64bit applications?
The problem here is actually only about 32 bit one.

could I just write DLL and compile it in 32 as w

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PHP: pack / unpack 64bit int on 64bit architecture
Category : Programming Languages

Can anyone tell me why I get the following output on x64 architecture:

$ php -r 'echo pow(2, 33) . "
";print_r(unpack("Ivalue", pack("I", pow(2, 33))));'
[value] => 0

It seems as though it can handle signed 64bit ints, but can't pack / unpack them. According to the docs: http://us3.php.net/pack, the s

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Is the 64bit Windows platform immature? (even if comparing 32bit binaries with 64bit binaries running on it)
Category : Operating Systems

I compiled an 64bit binary of ioquake3 and an SDL binary to go along with it and I noticed on Windows 7 64bit, operation, while relatively stable, it doesn't have top notch performance.

An equivalent binary on 64bit Debian, runs definitely faster, and perfectly stable.

And I'm thinking: with all the major manufacturers still dispatching 32bit binaries predominately - maj

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64bit Enums? C#
Category : C & C++ & C#

Is it possible to get an enum to hold 64bit values? I wrote the below and got this compile error message.

enum EnumTest { a = 0x100000000 };
error CS0266: Cannot implicitly convert type 'long' to 'int'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?)

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