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ASP.NET: If Page1.aspx opens Page2.aspx in a window, how can I have Page1.aspx refresh once Page2.aspx is closed?
by Vlad Sirenko in Programming Languages

If Page1.aspx opens Page2.aspx in a window, how can I have Page1.aspx refresh once Page2.aspx is closed?

I have a page with data on it and I have a LinkButton set up so the user can edit that data. The LinkButton launches another windowed page with some text fields and a "Save" & "Cancel" button. Once one of those clicks I execute a save and close the window OR just disregard t

aspx with image doesn't display when is invoked from <img src=“with_Image.aspx” >
by errornosignal in Programming Languages

I've got two aspx pages: Default.aspx and with_Image.aspx.
From Default.aspx, I tried to show a jpg image that is in with_Image.aspx.
with_Image.aspx displays the jpg image without problems. But Default.aspx doesn't display any image, only displays an "X".

On Default.aspx:

<form id="form1" runat="server">

passing variable from aspx JScript code behind to markup aspx file
by Timothy in Programming Languages

I can't find a way to pass a variable declared in my code-behind aspx.js file to the corresponding code-behind.aspx markup file. The error I keep getting is this:

Parser Error Message: Code blocks are not allowed in this file.

My Code-Behind.aspx.js looks like this:

import System;
package Test {
class CodeBehind extends System.Web

IIS 6/7 Threading - Long running aspx page keeps other aspx pages from loading
by pankaj in Programming Languages

I wrote a test page that does a bunch of busy work in a method called at page load. This process as I have it now takes around 12 seconds.

If I try to load another page while the first long running page is loading, this second page doing nothing except writing out a hello world, it doesn't load until the first long running page is finished.

Why is this the case? I would

@ Reference Control in .aspx, but class not found in respective aspx.cs
by jmccliment in Programming Languages

Hopefully the title made at least some sense.

I've been fiddling with ASP.NET and C# for the first time today - following a tutorial. I have comfortably got as far as this; however, when I try to implement:

<%@ Reference Control="~/UserInfoBoxControl.ascx" %>


UserInfoBoxControl userInfoBoxControl = (UserInfoBoxControl)Loa

Dummy STS project is missing Default.aspx and Login.aspx
by rascator in Programming Languages

Has anyone ever run a problem where creating a new STS project in Visual Studio via the "Add STS Reference ..." menu item yields a project that does not contain the necessary Default.aspx and Login.aspx files? This was working earlier and now I'm baffled.

How to programmatically customize editform.aspx/newform.aspx with SP2007?
by teabagbrewster in Software

I have been looking for a solution for hours but I can't manage to customize my list forms. Although it is very easy to modify the form under SPDesigner, I can't find a way to do the same in VS2008.

Does anyone know the way to customize a form programmatically ?

Thank you very much

CodeFile=“Registration.aspx.cs” can add multiple partial classes files to this line in aspx page
by Glenntoy in Programming Languages

I have created 3 partial classes and i want all of them to be grouped under same page.
Like Registration -> Registration.aspx.cs, Registration_db.cs, Registration_validation.cs.

Is it possible to group all these files under same category i.e registration under tree view of solution explorer.

<%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Master Pages/LeftMenu.maste

Changing the view (.aspx) from the code-behind (.aspx.cs) class
by Vinicios in Programming Languages

I have a 'classic' ASP.NET app (.NET 3.5) with a pretty standard runat="server" style form with server-side controls and an 'Execute' asp:button. In the code-behind, the executeButton_click handler processes some of the other controls, runs a report, and drops the result into an asp:label. So the effect of pressing the Execute button is that t

How to populate aspx:TextBox with SqlDataSource as we can in aspx:DropDown?
by energy95 in Programming Languages

I need to populate a text box using some queries. I an newbie in asp.net, whereas i was able to do that with asp:DropDown. How should i do that?


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