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ASP.NET: If Page1.aspx opens Page2.aspx in a window, how can I have Page1.aspx refresh once Page2.aspx is closed?
by Vlad Sirenko in Programming Languages

If Page1.aspx opens Page2.aspx in a window, how can I have Page1.aspx refresh once Page2.aspx is closed?

I have a page with data on it and I have a LinkButton set up so the user can edit that data. The LinkButton launches another windowed page with some text fields and a "Save" & "Cancel" button. Once one of those clicks I execute a save and close the window OR just disregard t

aspx with image doesn't display when is invoked from <img src=“with_Image.aspx” >
by errornosignal in Programming Languages

I've got two aspx pages: Default.aspx and with_Image.aspx.
From Default.aspx, I tried to show a jpg image that is in with_Image.aspx.
with_Image.aspx displays the jpg image without problems. But Default.aspx doesn't display any image, only displays an "X".

On Default.aspx:

<form id="form1" runat="server">

IIS 6/7 Threading - Long running aspx page keeps other aspx pages from loading
by pankaj in Programming Languages

I wrote a test page that does a bunch of busy work in a method called at page load. This process as I have it now takes around 12 seconds.

If I try to load another page while the first long running page is loading, this second page doing nothing except writing out a hello world, it doesn't load until the first long running page is finished.

Why is this the case? I would

passing variable from aspx JScript code behind to markup aspx file
by Timothy in Programming Languages

I can't find a way to pass a variable declared in my code-behind aspx.js file to the corresponding code-behind.aspx markup file. The error I keep getting is this:

Parser Error Message: Code blocks are not allowed in this file.

My Code-Behind.aspx.js looks like this:

import System;
package Test {
class CodeBehind extends System.Web

Dummy STS project is missing Default.aspx and Login.aspx
by rascator in Programming Languages

Has anyone ever run a problem where creating a new STS project in Visual Studio via the "Add STS Reference ..." menu item yields a project that does not contain the necessary Default.aspx and Login.aspx files? This was working earlier and now I'm baffled.

How to programmatically customize editform.aspx/newform.aspx with SP2007?
by teabagbrewster in Software

I have been looking for a solution for hours but I can't manage to customize my list forms. Although it is very easy to modify the form under SPDesigner, I can't find a way to do the same in VS2008.

Does anyone know the way to customize a form programmatically ?

Thank you very much

@ Reference Control in .aspx, but class not found in respective aspx.cs
by jmccliment in Programming Languages

Hopefully the title made at least some sense.

I've been fiddling with ASP.NET and C# for the first time today - following a tutorial. I have comfortably got as far as this; however, when I try to implement:

<%@ Reference Control="~/UserInfoBoxControl.ascx" %>


UserInfoBoxControl userInfoBoxControl = (UserInfoBoxControl)Loa

CodeFile=“Registration.aspx.cs” can add multiple partial classes files to this line in aspx page
by Glenntoy in Programming Languages

I have created 3 partial classes and i want all of them to be grouped under same page.
Like Registration -> Registration.aspx.cs, Registration_db.cs, Registration_validation.cs.

Is it possible to group all these files under same category i.e registration under tree view of solution explorer.

<%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Master Pages/LeftMenu.maste

Displaying .aspx and .aspx.cs files such that it's not understood by the browser
by Gogonez in Programming Languages

I have to give the user the option to upload his own aspx and aspx.cs files on to the server,
and adjusting the hyperlink to point to a page which would do the following.

Display the aspx and aspx.cs files code onto the page without actually rendering the code.

The browser should not understand anything and
while reading the files to display them the method be

ASPX server code is being created in .aspx file
by DarkKnightDude in Programming Languages

just moment ago I discovered strange behaviour of my visual studio environment. I'm using ASP.net web application. When the webform is added, and i'm trying to place button on webform, instead of declaring button_Click event in code-behind file (WebForm.aspx.cs) this declaration is placed in aspx.file as follows:

<script runat="server">
protected void Button2_Click(obj

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