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What Is a Law Enforcement Academy Like?
by Zack Harvey in Careers & Job Searching
A career in law enforcement requires intensive training so officers know how best to protect themselves and others. Since each state is responsible for the enforcement of local laws, each state is also responsible for its own training. Therefore, police academies may have some differences but their structure and training programs are often similar. Academy StructureThe law enforcement hiring

How to get into the Air Force Academy
by sorcerermerlin in Education
The U.S. Air Force Academy is a public college founded in 1954 and located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, U.S. News ranked the institution No. 1 among Regional Colleges in its 2011 edition of "Best Colleges." The school's acceptance rate in 2011 was 16.8 percent and its undergraduate enrollment was 4,620, 80 percent of which was male. Tuition is paid by the U.S. government but graduates must commi
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What is the Umbrella Academy
by Harry Truman in Arts & Entertainment
"The Umbrella Academy" is a comic book published by Dark Horse comics. It was released as a six-issue limited series beginning on September 19, 2007. A second limited series followed in 2008. Creators"The Umbrella Academy" was written by Gerard Way, who serves as the front man for the band "My Chemical Romance." The comic's art is created by Gabriel Ba and the cover art is created by James Jean

What Is it Like in the Police Academy?
by gitano in Legal
The police academy is the beginning of the indoctrination process of becoming a law enforcement officer. The law enforcement academy is a serious commitment that will test you mentally, physically and emotionally. During the course of the academy, the tactical staff's mission is to gauge your suitability for police work through strenuous testing and stress induction. EducationPolice powers are

About Academy Schools
by NextInLine in Education
Academy schools provide education to children according to a particular field they choose. They are different from usual schools because they focus on teaching a basic field of specialization and design their curriculum accordingly. Academy schools help children get a sense of direction when it comes to choosing career paths. They tend to polish the student's skills and improve his knowledge base

Academy Bus Tours
by jihe in Travel
Academy bus is the largest privately owned and operated transportation company in the United States. It runs charter and commuter bus lines along the East Coast from Boston to Washington, D.C., and has been in business over 40 years.
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How to Win an Academy Award
by Theo in Arts & Entertainment
All the hard work and skill in the world might not be enough to win an
Oscar as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (oscars.org)
is famously erratic in its choices. There are, however, ways to increase
your chances of putting a charming gold statuette on your bookshelf.Difficulty:ChallengingInstructions Work hard to perfect your craft. Alternate between work on bigbud
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How to Get Into the Naval Academy
by Franklin Henderson in Education
The U.S. Naval Academy is an undergraduate institution that trains students to become officers in the Navy or Marine Corps. The school offers challenging academic, physical and leadership training to its students. Annapolis, Maryland, is home to the Naval Academy campus. Though it contains many similar elements to the application at traditional colleges, applying to the Naval Academy requires that
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How to Train for the Fireman's Academy
by Bunny loves data in Careers & Job Searching
Fire departments look for individuals with education, attitude, tenacity, mental discipline and physical fitness. It is expensive to train firefighters, and only those applicants with the best chance of successfully completing the extensive and rigorous training program will be selected. Some community colleges offer firefighter and law enforcement candidate training courses to prepare students fo

Cooking Academy Tips
by luci5r in Hobbies, Games & Toys
"Cooking Academy" was released in September of 2008. This game lets you try your hand at making over 50 different recipes. You'll also learn about certain foods and can unlock other recipes and trophies in your quest to become a "Master Chef." Adding and Arranging FoodThe lines on the measuring cup will tell you how much rice or water you need to add to any given dish. You'll add each item in a


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