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How to Ask for Another Acceptance Letter
by Silverforce11 in Culture & Society
Many schools, businesses and programs send acceptance letters to successful applicants. In addition to letting an applicant know that her application has been accepted, an acceptance letter can provide important details and deadlines. For example, this information might tell a successful applicant when to enroll in the program to which he was accepted or how he should accept a job offer. If an acc

How to Get Forbearance Acceptance
by jbcrail in Personal Finance
Postponing monthly payments by means of forbearance can help borrowers who experience financial issues. Forbearance is common with mortgage loans and student loans. However, getting forbearance assistance involves meeting a lender's guidelines. Not everyone who asks for a skip-payment option receives approval. Before approaching your lender for assistance, understand the requirements and have the

About Acceptance Letters
by Matthiasa in Culture & Society
An offer for a job or an acceptance to a college can be exciting news for anyone pursuing a career. Sometimes the acceptance is not clear, and you need further explanation. Sometimes the offer is exactly what you are looking for, so you need to respond promptly. Whatever the reasons for writing an acceptance letter, the purpose is to confirm the offer and confirm the understanding of the offer. Wr

What Is Asset Acceptance LLC?
by acolomba in Personal Finance
Asset Acceptance LLC is a subsidiary company of Asset Acceptance Capital Corp., which buys charged-off accounts from credit card and loan companies and then attempts to collect on the past-due debts. PurposeAsset Acceptance LLC helps companies create cash for charged-off accounts. For example, if you owe a credit card company for an outstanding balance and it writes off the amount you owe, Asse

How to Change Majors After Acceptance
by HidingInABunker in Education
When you are accepted to college as a first time student, you are not required to immediately choose a major. The reason for this is you are required to take 36 hours of prerequisite classes that are required for your Associate's Degree. Once you have taken these classes, you should choose a major so you can take the required courses to be accepted into the program you wish to apply for and obtain

Self-Acceptance & Personal Growth
by gitano in Health
The personal growth movement is an outgrowth of the humanistic psychology theories of Abraham Maslow and other prominent psychologists. According to humanistic psychologists, human beings have needs beyond those of basic survival. Essential ingredients of these higher needs are self acceptance and personal growth. historyWe are not machines.pedestrian rush hour image by Edward White from Fotoli

How to Draft an Acceptance Statement
by Flapdrol1337 in Education
An acceptance statement is drafted by someone who is taking a new position and wants to impress the board or hiring officer by thanking them for the offer and officially accepting the deal. Drafting an acceptance letter shows that you respect the position that you are taking. When you draft a statement of acceptance, there are certain clauses that you should consider.Difficulty:ModerateInstruction

How to Delay Job Offer Acceptance
by davidg in Culture & Society
Finding a good, well-paying job requires patience and diligence, but when you finally receive that offer of employment you may have to delay your acceptance if you are waiting to hear from another company with a better offer. You may also want time to negotiate a better salary or to decide if you really want a career with the prospective employer. But it's important that you are honest with the co

How Do I Decline My Postgraduate Acceptance?
by xes in Education
A post doctorate degree offers an exciting educational prospect, but you may want to decline your acceptance after considering the immense workload - - not to mention expenses. Alternatively, you may have received offers of acceptance to several institutions and only wish to accept one and decline the others. The proper procedure for declining a postgraduate offer varies among colleges. Your accep

How to Sign an Acceptance Letter
by Colin Henry in Education
Congratulations! You've made it through the school application process with an acceptance letter. But before you can delve into other processing forms you must inform the school of your intention to enroll. Schools of all grade levels rely on acceptance letters of enrollment to determine class availability, advising and housing, if applicable. Most institutions will require you to sign a card or p

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