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offline access. After July 5, will desktop appl. be able to have access to FB data if user, associated with access token, logged out from FB?
by JulianCT in Development Tools & Services

The situation is still unclear for me – After July 5th 2012, will desktop application be able to have access to Facebook data if user, associated with access token, logged out from Facebook?
Are talking here about TOTAL deletion of offline access AT ALL or just limitation for offline access by 60 days?

Document - https://developers.facebook.com/roadmap/offline-access-removal/

How do I access an Access database protected by a username/password in Access workgroups via Jet?
by Dean in Programming Languages

I found this page which suggested adding the "Jet OLEDB:System Database" item to my connection string, and then providing a username and password parameter to Open. Unfortuanately, it seems the .NET OleDb classes don't seem to have this... I tried the following code just incase:

testConnection = new OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" + md

MS Access 2003 - Is there a way to run access (mde) without the access shell around the forms/reports
by Ubermateo in Operating Systems

So I am not sure if I am asking this correctly; let me explain:

IS there a way I can run my MDE without the access shell around the forms/reports? The part that provides the menu, and the little application title. I think it is the overall presentation layer form that all my access stuff sits on, but I am not sure. I am just wondering if you can get rid of it.


Can you upgrade Access 2.0 to Access 2000 or later Access project?
by Jason Lin in Databases

Due to a merger, we have inherited a couple of legacy apps which run on Access 2.0. Ideally we would like to re-write them as intranet web apps but due to other priorities this is not going to happen anytime soon.

Our main concern is to get the data off of the client machines and preferably into SQL Server. Is there a way to upgrade 2.0 to an Access 2000 or later project?

Are apps that access gmail only have write-only access or full gmail access (potential security risk?)
by Red Storm in Development Tools & Services

I use a backup app to backup SMS text messages to my GMail account registered on my HTC Desire Z Android 2.3 phone.

The app requests access to the gmail account. But what does this actually mean? Does it mean:

the application has write-only access to the gmail - i.e. can insert emails but not delete or adjust other existing emails (does the Android API provide for that?)

Generate long lived “User” access token from access token generated from Graph API Explorer. Not the app access token
by jald in Development Tools & Services

My objective is to fetch public data from user timeline like statuses, feeds, username, hometown etc. I am using desktop application in Java which sends HTTP request with access token to get the timeline data. There are 2 types of tokens out of which one gives me complete data what i want and other gives me partial data. Both mentioned below.

Type 1. Generated on Graph API Explorer

CreateProcessAsUser: Service gets “5: Access Denied” trying to access network share
by björnen in Programming Languages

I use CreateProcessAsUser from a Windows Service in order to launch an application for the current active user. So far it works great with applications on a local drive.

But if the executable exists on a network share, the service generates 5: ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED when I use the full server name (myserverpathapp.exe). I can also generate 2: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND if I use the mapped dr

GAS - project/library physical (edit access) and logical (execution access) scoping
by Aaviel in Development Tools & Services

I have read some of the basic google-apps-script (GAS) documentation/tutorials. I have not found any explanation of the "scope" of code execution.

Here is what I understand so far:

All code consists of one or more statements
All statements must (?) be contained in a "function"
(a slight different from non-google javascript? - is this a false assumpt

How to use ruby to access and write contents of Azure blobs using Secure Access Signatures?
by xeemzor in Programming Languages

I have several Azure Shared Access Signatures I need to access, list the blobs, and then export the contents. I am hoping I could just write a simple ruby script and run it on Mac.

Can someone share sample code? It's basically 'GET" to a URL with a signature, which I think from the command terminal I could use curl, but wasn't sure how to do it using Ruby to make it easier to loop

C++ & Java OOP Access Control Violation: access peer object's private fields
by Serbia in Java

I instantiate two objects of one class, and one object accesses and changes private fields of the other object. I believe this violates the private access control. It breaks encapsulation in OOP. However, I find that both C++ and Java seem to allow this "violation". Please enlighten me why this "violation" is allowed!

Sample C++ code:

#include <iostream>

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