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Accessing child nodes of xml by name in Groovy while accessing parent node iteratively
Category : Programming Languages

I have an XML like this:


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best practice for accessing data in a database while abstracting the accessing
Category : Programming Languages

I am attempting to learn the best practices for the following scenario.

I have a defined set of data objects that are subject to change with updates. And some of these objects have arrays of other objects within them.

Using sqlite I have the database set up with the following pattern: Each object is its on table. And if an object has a child object within it

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Accessing Dictionaries VS Accessing Shelves
Category : Programming Languages

Currently, I have a dictionary that has a number as the key and a Class as a value. I can access the attributes of that Class like so:


Due to memory issues, I want to use the shelve module. I am wondering if doing so is plausible. Does a shelve dictionary act the exact same as a standard di

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How to prevent the other threads from accessing a method when one thread is accessing a method?
Category : Programming Languages

I want to search for a string in 10 files and write the matching lines to a single file. I wrote the matching lines from each file to 10 output files(o/p file1,o/p file2...) and then copied those to a single file using 10 threads.

But the output single file has mixed output(one line from o/p file1,another line from o/p file 2 etc...) because its accessed simultaneously by many threa

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In javascript, is accessing 'window.Math' slower or faster than accessing the 'Math' object without the 'window.'?
Category : Javascript

I'm kind of curious about what the best practice is when referencing the 'global' namespace in javascript, which is merely a shortcut to the window object (or vice versia depending on how you look at it).

I want to know if:

var answer = Math.floor(value);

is better or worse than:

var answer = window.Math.floor(value);
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Accessing outside the memory allocated by the program. (Accessing other app's memory)
Category : Web Design

Is there a way to access (read or free) memory chunks that are outside the memory that is allocated for the program without getting access violation exceptions.
Well what I actually would like to understand apart from this, is how a memory cleaner (system garbage collector) works. I've always wanted to write such a program. (The language isn't an issue)

Thanks in advance :)

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accessing id from name
Category : Programming Languages
class SubjectTeachersController < ApplicationController
def new
@st = SubjectTeacher.new
@tnames = Teacher.pluck(:tname)
@subs = Subject.pluck(:sub_name)
def create
@tech = Teacher.find(params[:tname]).id
@sub = Subject.find(params[:sub_name]).id
@st = SubjectTeacher.create(:teacher_id => @tech, :subject_id => @s

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Accessing MDB through VBS
Category : Programming Languages

I am trying to update an MDB using a VBS script. On one machine it works OK (WinXP and Office 2003) but on the other (Win7 64 bits VM with Office 2010) I get the error "ActiveX Component can't create object: 'DAO.DBEngine.36'". The code:

Dim dbe
Set dbe = CreateObject("DAO.DBEngine.36")

I tried with DAO.DBEngine, DAO.DBEngine.120

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Accessing MQ with JMS
Category : Programming Languages

i am using MQ7 and trying to access a queue with JMS api's. Getting this error.
Has anyone seen it before? How do i resolve this? TIA

Exception in thread "main" com.ibm.msg.client.jms.DetailedJMSException:
JMSFMQ6312: An exception occurred in the Java(tm) MQI. The Java(tm) MQI has thrown an exception describing the problem. See the linked exception for further inform

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Accessing DLL from ASP.NET 1.1
Category : ASP & ASP.net

I am currently trying to redesign a web page written in Asp.net and C#. I have created some classes that will be used in the codebehind file (written in C#). I have added reference to the dll file of the classes I have created. Dll files are all located in the Bin directory.

However, when I tried to access the page the following error is displayed.

Compiler Error Mess

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