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What Is the Difference Between an Acer P221W & an Acer AL2216W Monitor?
by Micah in Computers
Acer offers a large selection of LCD monitors to give consumers the power of choice. The Acer website for the United States lists 45 models for 2010 alone. Comparing the 2006 model AL2216W and the 2007 model P221W requires a look beyond mere screen size to see how they truly compare. The Acer AL2216WThe Acer AL2216W is a basic 22-inch monitor with solid performance. CNET reviewed this monitor b

The Acer Computer Fan Runs, but the Acer Won't Power On
by Al Velella in Computers
Reliability, connectivity, productivity and style are among some of the things that make Acer computer systems stand out from other brands. Unfortunately however, Acer computers--like all computer brands--can be subject to malfunctioning. If the case is of the power not turning on, even while the computer's fan can be heard, there are some simple troubleshooting techniques that may quickly remedy

How to Restore Acer Computer Using Acer eRecovery
by tl1000sv in Computers
Acer's eRecovery program makes it easy for users to restore their computer in a number of ways. Users can completely erase all of their personal files and programs and restore their computer to its factory default settings, restore their computer from a backup file or use a set of recovery discs to restore their computer. Restoring your computer is a great way to get rid of old system files and pr

How to Get to Acer Restore on Acer Aspire One Notebook
by reflexiv in Computers
Acer eRecovery Management is a backup and recovery software included with Windows that can restore an Acer computer's original applications, drivers and operating system. If you can't boot to the OS, the Acer Aspire One subnotebook comes with a special partition on the hard drive that can restore the PC to its factory defaults. Users can also create recovery discs or USB drives that can run the Ac

Acer Aspire Vs. Acer Extensa
by Chris Woods in Computers
Just a few years ago, if you wanted to buy a laptop, you could just identify the company with the best reputation and buy its latest model. IBM, Toshiba and Compaq were arguably the main companies to go to. IBM was known for its keyboards and Compaq was known for its aggressive pricing. Now, there are parallel product lines with overlapping features. Acer's Aspire and Extensa lines are one such ex

How to Get an XP CD From Acer Aspire 1
by DMasterX in Computers
The Acer Aspire One is a mini netbook computer that comes in various sizes. Because these computers are so small, they are not equipped with a CD drive. Therefore, to create Windows XP recovery CDs from your Acer Aspire One, you'll need a USB CD burner. The Aspire One does, however, come with the Acer eRecovery center. This is an application that allows you to create system recovery discs. If your
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How to Use an Acer Laptop
by David Bjornn in Computers
Best Buy, Target and even department store giant, Wal-Mart carry Acer laptops, so it should come as no surprise that the Acer brand has reached the #2 spot for PCs and notebooks. According to Acer.com, Acer's long-time goal has been to allow anyone to use and benefit from technology. As a result, Acer has created an inch-thin laptop that boasts of eight cordless hours of performance. To get starte
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How to Fix Your Acer Orbicam
by bauer100 in Computers
Fixing the Acer Orbicam requires downloading and installing the latest driver for the webcam device. After installing the driver, your Orbicam will function normally. The latest driver offers a fix for glitches, better performance and a fix for error messages displaying onscreen.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Click the "Start" button, and then type "Device Manager" in the "Search" box.
Click th
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How to Take Apart an Acer Revo
by John Tate in Computers
The Acer Revo is a small form factor computer, called a nettop, that is the desktop variation of the netbook. The Revo is a portable, versatile machine most often used as a home theater device, due to its compact size, low power-consumption and high-definition graphics support. The Revo is simple to take apart; disassemble the Acer Revo to upgrade the RAM, hard drive or other component without goi
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How to Fix Your Acer 4720z
by Jarques in Computers
Your Acer Aspire 4720z notebook may display an error message to alert you to a problem that has stalled the computer or caused a crash. Your notebook has built-in restore and recovery features that you can use to quickly get it back up and running. By correctly interpreting error messages, you can deduce the best corrective action to take. You'll also know whether a restore is actually necessary.D
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