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Can I Claim Adoption Expenses From a Failed Adoption on Our Income Taxes?
by postino in Personal Finance
While adoption is a chance for you to enlarge your family with a child to live, it is also an expensive process. You can recoup the cost of many of your expenses by using the adoption tax credit on your federal taxes. You are eligible for the credit even if something goes wrong during the adoption process and it isn't finalized. Adoption Tax CreditThe adoption tax credit offsets qualified adopt

How to Choose Between a Semi-Open Adoption and a Closed Adoption
by S Hall in Parenting
In recent years, the trend has been toward having more openness in adoption, which means that the birth mother continues to have some level of contact with the adoptive family, even after the adoption has been finalized. If you wanted a closed adoption, you might be struggling with whether to consider agreeing to a semi-open adoption instead. Here is how to choose between a semi-open adoption and

How Can I Fill Out Adoption Papers for an International Open Adoption?
by chanley in Parenting
Open adoption gives parents the chance to build a family through adoption and provides children with loving homes while easing the feelings of alienation some adopted kids have due to not knowing who their birth relatives are. Historically, most open adoptions have been domestic, since staying in contact with a birth parent on another continent can present some logistical problems. But increasingl

How to Take Adoption Tax Credit for Failed Adoption
by Serbia in Personal Finance
IRS tax form 8839 allows individuals to take a federal income tax credit for adoption even if your dreams of adopting a baby or child last year were crushed when the adoption failed? On top of not having your precious child you spent thousands of dollars. Originally, you were expecting to write off $11,650 of those qualifying adoption expenses on your federal income tax return and recoup some of y

Foreign Adoption Vs. Local Adoption
by Tim Watson in Parenting
In both foreign and local adoptions, courts create a new parental relationship. There are several types of local adoptions: public agency adoptions, private agency adoptions, and independent parental placement adoptions. International adoptions are facilitated by U.S.-based adoption agencies in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State and foreign governments. JurisdictionIn an internationa

Where to Put Your Cat Up for Adoption
by Twista in Pets
Sometimes there's no choice. You need to rehome a cat. Finding new homes for cats is never easy, and placing yours could take months. For the cat's sake, screen carefully, charge an adoption fee and make sure the potential adopter is a good match for your cat. Also be honest about the cat's shortcomings. Believe it or not, people are willing to adopt very shy cats, older cats and cats with litte

Where to Put a Dog Up for Adoption
by RomanMtz in Pets
Finding a good home for a dog is important. A home should be loving and have the resources to properly care for the dog. If you have a dog to put up for adoption, there are several places you can go to help find a good home for the dog. Ask questions and follow your instincts regarding the people that want to adopt your dog. InternetThere is a plethora of websites for finding a good home for a
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How Can I Put My Dog Up for Adoption?
by Andrew Forbes in Pets
Your four-legged friend might be part of your family, and having to give it up can be heartbreaking. If you can no longer afford to keep your dog, or if your lifestyle no longer allows you to have one, it is your responsibility as an owner to find a new home for your dog. According to the Human Society of the United States, between 3 million and 4 million pets are euthanized in the U.S. every year
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About Adoption
by Massachusetts in Parenting
Over 120,000 children are adopted in the United States every year. Roughly half of the families that choose adoption are related to the child in some way, either biologically or by marriage. Adoption laws vary widely from state to state, making the process a labyrinth of red tape and paperwork, particularly for those adopting a child from a foreign country. In the end though, adoption is usually a
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About Gay Adoption
by DSLer in Legal
There are no federal laws against gay adoption in North America. Policies on adoption are determined by the states. The Human Rights Campaign, a national gay and lesbian advocacy group, identifies 21 states and the District of Columbia as being "open" to gay adoption. Human Rights Campaign official Lisa Bennett told Children's Voice Magazine in 2002: "More and more states recognize gay adoption as
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