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How TVs Advanced
Category : Electronics
Ideas for the television go as far back as the late 1800s, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Historians believe the original purpose for televisions was to allow people to see who they were talking to on the phone. TypesThe FCC says two paths were taken when inventing the television. The mechanical television transmitted images electrically by spinning metal disks. The e

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SELECT INTO advanced
Category : Databases

I have many tables in my database and I am collecting calculated values with following code and would like to Insert those values into other table. I am Using SELECT INTO method but database tells me that "Incorrect syntax near the keyword INTO line ...". I believe that there is something I am missing but not sure where. Code looks fine. Here is my code. Any help would be appreciated.

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advanced sql query help
Category : Databases

i have a table with products and the user can choose which regions and cities he wants to let them be visible to. he can choose ALL REGIONS and ALL CITIES from a drop down menu and then i will put in the columns = 0.

the the buyers can choose which city they want to watch products from so they aslo have a drop down menu to pick a region and/or city. and they can also choose products

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Advanced replace in C#
Category : C & C++ & C#

I like to replace some attributes inside a xml (string) with c#.

Example xml:

<item x="15" y="25">
<item y="10" x="30"></item>
<item x="5" y="60"></item>
<item y="100" x="10"></item>

In this case I like to change the x-att

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Advanced ScrollView
Category : Programming Languages

my app does the following at the moment:

*) I have a custom view extending a ScrollView
*) The first element on this ScrollView is a RelativeLayout
*) I add other Views in lines to this RelativeLayout

I want to do this:

*) After adding a new row i want my ScrollView to show the last added row at the top of the screen. It is not just reverse order. I

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Advanced search :
Category : Programming Languages

We are going to provide an advanced search option on a system that will let users find events that matches a name (textual search), have on or more tags assigned to it and that will start before or after a given date. Should I consider using hibernate search or something similar? Or should I just generate some jpql queries to get that search feature working.

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Advanced vim autocompletion
Category : Web Design

I am trying to build a lexical analyzer using flex.
Following is a line which shows a regular expression and its corresponding action.

[0-9] {printf("yada yada
");} //regex1

Is there a way to reuse {printf("yada yada
from regex1 by auto-completion features of vim, so that I don't need to write the whole thing again while wri

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How do I have a more advanced array?
Category : Programming Languages

Basically I currently put a bunch of values into an array like so:

$flavors = array('Original','Cherry','Chocolate','Raspberry','Mango');

and from this I might execute a foreach like so:

foreach($flavors as $flav) {
echo doSomething($flav);

This all works a treat, until I get to the next stage of my learnin

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Advanced Law Degrees
Category : Education
Students who wish to practice law in the United States must first earn a bachelor's degree before applying to a Juris Doctor degree, or JD, program. This degree alone qualifies students to practice law and be admitted to the bar in the majority of states. However, many choose to pursue specialized fields of law or careers as legal scholars through advanced degrees such as Master of Laws degrees, D

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More advanced OR statement? C#
Category : C & C++ & C#

So I have this:

if (input.Text.ToUpper() == "STOP")

But there's multiple words it can be (stop, end, etc). So many that I wouldn't be able to put

if (input.Text.ToUpper() == "STOP" || input.Text.ToUpper() == "END")


Is there a way that you can do something like this:

if (input.Text.ToUpper(

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