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CSS aesthetics help for CSS
by Sivavt in Web Design

I'm trying to make the contacts in my search page symmetrical in their own separate columns within the table. The top row works fine, but rows 2 and 3 have some issues.

My goal: to have the titles all be aligned with each other instead of having them higher or lower than the rest on their respective rows.

Here the content:


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Art Aesthetics Activities
by sandorski in Education
Art aesthetics activities can greatly improve your students' understanding and appreciation of art. Art aesthetics is the study of the underlying questions behind the study of art. Ask students if something should be considered art, what the purpose of art is, how art contributes to society and other big questions. These questions have no right or wrong answers, but serve to promote higher-level t

Definition of Aesthetics in Art
by Timothy in Arts & Entertainment
Aesthetics refer to the philosophical principles, nature, expression and popularity of beauty. Through the centuries, as art has evolved, so, too, has the definition of aesthetics, as it relates to art. The enormity and complexity of the field of art and the individuality of opinions makes defining aesthetics the subject of much debate. However, cultures and time periods are commonly used to categ

Fundamentals of Aesthetics
by Serbia in Arts & Entertainment
Aesthetics is the study of beauty and, more profoundly, the study of perception as it relates to beauty. Traditional works on aesthetics sought to define the basic elements of a work of art or piece of music that defined its beauty. With the advent of postmodernism in the late 20th century, new theories began to question the existence of any objective and universal definition of beauty. Symmetr

java- gui design aesthetics
by TheStu in Programming Languages

I am new to GUI design, and would like to know if there is somekind of standard "project" that I can find a set of "standard"- or not- images for my various components, e.g. buttons, jtree etc so that my GUI looks nicer. If there are icons by theme, would be great.I am using NetBeans but it seems that there is no library of icons included in it.


Creative Activities Using Art & Aesthetics
by mck66productions in Education
While it often does not receive as much recognition as the core courses, art is a potentially beneficial subject for students to study during their educational career. Through an exploration of art, students develop and eye for aesthetics and the ability to notice details. There are a wide array of creative projects that teachers can use to teach their students to be more aware and appreciative of

Improve Web page Aesthetics in jsp
by eb. in Programming Languages

I am designing a login page.Currently I just have fieldset in my form.I want to improve the look of it.I am using jsp.Following is the code.

I want to display login in a frame.

<s:form action = "LogInAction" method="post">
<s:textfield name="username" key="label.username"></s:t

Are you concerned about the aesthetics of your code?
by bmg in Coding

I don't know if I'm the only person in the world which gets a bad feeling in my stomach if my code isn't "pretty". For example if I get a assignment that another person has been doing before me. I can't help it to clean the code and make it look "pretty". I don't know if it's some kind of OCD.

It's like I see the code as some kind of art that has be perfect in my own code conventio

Canadian Aesthetics Schools
by Mansur in Education
Pursuing a career in Aesthetics can be full of challenges and rewards, and while formal certification is not required in most Canadian provinces, quality training is important. Find a program that will prepare you to the best of your abilities in not only your technical aesthetic skills, but also your ability to communicate with your clients with sensitivity and tact. Vancouver Community Colleg

The Importance of Aesthetics in TV Advertising
by Raghu in Arts & Entertainment
Before television, much of advertising was done on the radio. The voice of the actor was more important than the appearance. With the advent of television in the 1950s, the methods of advertising shifted, as did the importance of aesthetics. Advertising became more visual, so the appearance of the actors and the environment as a whole took on new meaning. HistoryWhen television first started ga

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