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Why Incorporating African American Art Is Important to African American Children
by DSLer in Culture & Society
Incorporating African-American art into the lives of African-American children is very important for many reasons. African-Americans have made many contributions in art. African-American children should learn about African-American art so they can also express their creativity. HistoryAfrican-American artwork illustrates the African-American experience.
MusicAfrican-American music should be

Timneh African Gray Vs. Congo African Gray
by Juice in Pets
African grays, though not the most colorful of parrots, are the most intelligent. They bond quickly with humans and can be dedicated pets. Gray parrots are either of the Timnah or Congo variety. Each type has slightly different characteristics, but a list of similar nutritional and emotional needs. Congo African Gray FeaturesCongo African gray parrots can grow to be 12 inches from nose to tail.

How to Use Hair Relaxer for African Hair on Non-African Hair
by wpoch in Fashion, Style & Personal Care
Hair relaxers are typically used on African textured hair to loosen its tight curl pattern. The amount of curl hair has is dependent upon the number of disulfide bonds between proteins found in the hair shaft. The relaxer's active ingredient, sodium hydroxide, breaks down the hair's disulfide bonds so curls cannot reform, making the hair easier to straighten. Relaxers can be used by anyone, of an

What Is the African Gnu?
by DaleS in Home & Garden
Gnu is another name for the wildebeest. The name "gnu" is derived from "gnou'" the name given to them by the Khoikkoi, a South African tribe with close affiliations to the South African Bushmen. The African gnu is divided into two distinct species: the black wildebeest and the blue wildebeest. The blue wildebeest is further divided into five subspecies unlike the black wildebeest, which has no sub
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How to Make an African Bow
by akiin in Hobbies, Games & Toys
Firearms have only been used in Africa since colonial times. Bow and arrows have been used by African tribesman, such as the San, for centuries. They measure between 1 and 3 feet long, about one inch and are tapered towards the ends. You can make your own African bow from an elastic type of wood, which you should treat properly before bending it into the bow shape.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions
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How to Identify an African Elk
by git in Travel
Africa is home to a wide array of wild animals, many of them worthy of game hunting. Aspiring hunters travel to the continent year-round to seek out game that often can't be found roaming wild in other parts of the world. One animal you will not find in Africa, however, is the standard elk. The elk as we know it does not inhabit the continent, but a related species called the red deer does. The re
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African Spiders
by David Colebatch in Travel
Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is among the best known of the common phobias. While there are plenty of domestic spiders that might give you a scare, Africa is home to several types of spiders that might be even more intimidating. African spiders range from those with deadly venom to those with unconventional looks and abilities. Crab SpidersCrab spiders get their name from their front
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What Are African Proverbs?
by diablo805 in Culture & Society
"To speak of any sacred scriptures as they pertain to religion in Africa is to speak of what is written in the hearts of the African people," said David Abdulai in "African Proverbs: Wisdom of the Ages." African proverbs tell us about the philosophies of ancient Africans, but they weren't brought to the U.S. in print. African proverbs were only passed down by word of mouth, and many have made thei

How to Sew an African Dashiki
by VirtualLarry in Hobbies, Games & Toys
A dashiki is an African garment that is typically made from colorful kente fabric, which is dyed with bright colors in geometric fabrics. This garment typically has no closures and is simply worn by being slipped over the head. A dashiki may be worn by a man or a woman, and they make excellent clothing choices for the summer, when the weather is particularly warm.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstruct
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About African Dancing
by fedorafennec in Arts & Entertainment
The rich past of African dancing extends back prior to colonization by white settlers on the continent and holds significant historical and cultural meaning to the native people of Africa. When African slaves were brought to the United States, they brought with them the culture of their dance, which went on to form the basis of much of the twentieth century's popular musical traditions. Instrum

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