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What Are Ways of Resolving Agency Problems and Agency Relationships?
by AJ. in Business
Conflict within an agency or other organization can greatly hamper organizational efficiency and decrease the agency's productivity. In addition, it can make it an unpleasant place to work and can lead to higher employee turnover, which can lead to even lower efficiency. Therefore, it is within the agency's best interest to attempt to mend the relationships among its staff. This process can be don

Difference Between Staffing Agency & Temp Agency
by Kiltec in Business
The terms staffing agency and temp agency are synonymous in most people's minds --- and for good reasons. The two kinds of organizations have overlapping business models, often providing the same services. However, staffing agencies typically offer a wider array of options, with more solutions to their clients' labor issues and needs. Temporary WorkersBoth temp and staffing agencies offer tempo

Can a Debt From a Collection Agency Be Sold to Another Collection Agency Three Years Later?
by evgen_povt in Legal
Collection agencies can buy and sell debts to other collection agencies.According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), accounts are often sold many times over a period of years. When accounts are sold, certain problems can occur. Re-AgingSelling a debt to another collection agency, or debt-buyer, doesn't make it a new debt. However, unethical companies may try to extend the life of a debt by

How to Get a Job With an Ad Agency
by bhakins in Business
The typical ad agency is not monolithic in terms of the projects worked on and the employees hired. An ad agency needs to have a diverse staff that mixes artists, designers, accountants and other professionals into a cohesive unit. You can find your niche in a local ad agency by properly advertising your skills and experiences.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Land Your First Job With an Ad Agenc
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How to Negotiate a Job at an Ad Agency
by Vijayant Singh in Careers & Job Searching
Whether you want to work in a creative department or an administrative department of an ad agency, there may be some room to negotiate their offer. Accomplishing this requires a plan; know the value of the salary, benefits and bonuses in relation to one another. Knowing your own potential value to the agency is also crucial, since your value will determine how much power you have during the negoti
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How to Run a Nanny Agency
by danielsdesk in Careers & Job Searching
Nanny agencies are often necessities for working parents and for nannies in search of employment. Running such a business can be profitable and satisfying. There is much to consider as an agency manager aside from the primary task of matching families with caregivers. You must run the business from top to bottom. Learn what it takes before starting or taking over a nanny agency.Difficulty:Moderate
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Agency Fee Agreement
by Blunc in Business
An agency fee agreement is set up between a person and his agent. It states the rules, terms and agreements of the person and the agent including the fees the agent will get. PurposeAn agency fee agreement not only lists all fees a person is responsible for through the agency, but also lists the entire scope of the representation offered by the agency. It is designed for protection of the agenc
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How to Become a Collection Agency
by ozymandius42 in Business
Collection agencies help businesses collect accounts which are past due. Starting a collection agency can be an excellent home-based business for the right person. Start-up costs are minimal and overhead expenses are low. Although no specific training or degree is required, a background in accounts receivable, collections or customer service is helpful. Tenacity, persistence, and good organization

What Is a Buyer's Agency?
by eroi in Personal Finance
When you are in the market to buy a house, using a buyer's agency can help you navigate the complexities of the real estate market, and potentially land you the home of your dreams. A buyer's agent represents you, the buyer, in a real estate transaction, instead of just representing the seller. Representing the BuyerThe basic idea behind a buyer's agency is that it provides the buyer of real es
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How to Set Up a Nanny Agency
by monkee in Careers & Job Searching
Nanny agencies have come in demand since mothers and fathers have had to work outside the home to create a livable household income. Starting your own nanny agency means starting your own business, and the process requires time and dedication. The rewards to families is worth the work, but the process can be tedious for the most patient individuals. A successful nanny agency can be created with a
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