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What Are Ways of Resolving Agency Problems and Agency Relationships?
by AJ. in Business
Conflict within an agency or other organization can greatly hamper organizational efficiency and decrease the agency's productivity. In addition, it can make it an unpleasant place to work and can lead to higher employee turnover, which can lead to even lower efficiency. Therefore, it is within the agency's best interest to attempt to mend the relationships among its staff. This process can be don

Difference Between Staffing Agency & Temp Agency
by Kiltec in Business
The terms staffing agency and temp agency are synonymous in most people's minds --- and for good reasons. The two kinds of organizations have overlapping business models, often providing the same services. However, staffing agencies typically offer a wider array of options, with more solutions to their clients' labor issues and needs. Temporary WorkersBoth temp and staffing agencies offer tempo

Can a Debt From a Collection Agency Be Sold to Another Collection Agency Three Years Later?
by evgen_povt in Legal
Collection agencies can buy and sell debts to other collection agencies.According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), accounts are often sold many times over a period of years. When accounts are sold, certain problems can occur. Re-AgingSelling a debt to another collection agency, or debt-buyer, doesn't make it a new debt. However, unethical companies may try to extend the life of a debt by

How to Get a Job With an Ad Agency
by bhakins in Business
The typical ad agency is not monolithic in terms of the projects worked on and the employees hired. An ad agency needs to have a diverse staff that mixes artists, designers, accountants and other professionals into a cohesive unit. You can find your niche in a local ad agency by properly advertising your skills and experiences.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Land Your First Job With an Ad Agenc
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What Is a Bilateral Agency?
by Javier Pitalua in Business
In the complex world of international relations, many governmental and non-governmental organizations operate to help facilitate policies, encourage trade, coordinate finances and enable the flow of development assistance. Some of these institutions have a multilateral focus, a few are trilateral, while a large number of international organizations are bilateral agencies that focus attention on in

What Is Agency Debt?
by adapar in Personal Finance
Agency debt refers to debt securities issued by agencies of, or backed by, the U.S. government. Agency bonds provide another type of investment for bond and income investors. Investors buying government bonds funds should be interested in the types of agency debt the fund owns for investors. Treasury vs. AgenciesThe U.S. government borrows money by issuing debt through the Treasury Department.
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Will a Collection Agency Sue Me?
by Jesse McDowell in Legal
If you are in debt and collection agencies are calling you and sending you letters advising you to pay up, there is a possibility that they may file a lawsuit against you in an attempt to collect money you owe. However, there are laws regulating lawsuits against debtors, and if a collection agency threatens to sue you in an abusive manner, you have the right to ask them to end all contact. Hist

What Happens When I Don't Pay a Collection Agency?
by markku in Personal Finance
Creditors often hire collection agencies to help them collect debts from individuals who have previously defaulted on payment obligations for a loan, credit card or other form of debt. Collection agencies focus solely on collecting delinquent debts, making them more efficient at recovering funds than the original creditor, which must focus on aspects of consumer accounts other than collecting paym

What Does a Collection Agency Do?
by taekeun in Personal Finance
If you have an outstanding payment in your name, you may be contacted by a collection agency. Such outstanding payments may be real or the creditor may have made a billing mistake. However, many debtors believe that collection agencies have unlimited rights and so end up paying the outstanding amount, even when they do not really owe the amount. To avoid being harassed by collection agencies, it i

How to Set Up a Detective Agency
by danielsdesk in Careers & Job Searching
You have a knack for detective work, you have legal or police experience and you like working for yourself. Create your own detective business, and you can help solve mysteries in no time.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Make sure you have some industry training or special courses in your field. You can take courses in surveillance, law and detective work. Check if you need a priva
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