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What to Do With an Aggressive Dog?
by ZsA in Pets
Aggressive behavior in a dog can be frustrating and terrifying, for both the dog owner and anyone else who happens to cross paths with the dog. If you can't control the behavior of your aggressive dog, you may end up in a lawsuit if your dog hurts another dog or even a person. If you have an aggressive dog, you need to take steps to change that dog's behavior immediately. Determine the CauseTry

How to Help an Aggressive Dog
by Gunbuster in Pets
Rehabilitating an aggressive dog is no small task, but it is well worth the reward of a happy, well-adjusted dog. Though aggression can be scary, the overwhelming majority of aggressive dogs can be cured of their aggressive tendencies. Dog aggression expert Patricia McConnell has argued that most aggressive dogs are actually quite fearful. Keep this in mind during moments of frustration with your
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Why Is My Dog Aggressive Toward Men?
by Joshua Johnson in Pets
Fear toward men is one of the more common human-based fears a dog can have. According to most trainers, dogs tend to fear men and children more often than women. There are several reasons for this: lack of socialization, bad experiences and the tendency of men to be louder and more threatening to a frightened dog. This fear then leads to aggressive behaviors, such as lunging, barking, growling and

How to Keep Your Dog From Being Aggressive
by cashshadow in Pets
As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog does not become aggressive toward people or other dogs. This is especially important if you have chosen to take on a powerful breed or if you have young children. You can prevent your dog from becoming aggressive by socializing and training your dog from a young age. You can also help your dog by establishing yourself as the pack le

How to Be More Aggressive
by Lex Viatkine in Relationships & Family
Although mild assertiveness is all that's necessary in most situations, at times you need to be more aggressive. You may find yourself in a situation with a bully that wants to push you around. If you're not aggressive, you'll likely get bullied relentlessly. Read on to learn how to be more aggressive.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Look the person in the eye. Passive people have a tende
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How to Get Rid of an Aggressive Dog
by James Lupiani in Pets
At times, man's best friend turns out to be not so friendly. Owning an aggressive dog can be a big liability, and getting rid of one is often easier said than done, since there are many issues to consider. Finding someone else to take your dog may be a good solution as long as its new owners understand that they will have to deal with the animal's aggression. Putting your dog to sleep may seem hum
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Why Does a Dog Go From Calm to Aggressive?
by Jesse McDowell in Pets
Aggression in dogs means harmful or threatening behavior, which is directed at another living creature. Symptoms of an aggressive dog may include growling, snarling, nipping, biting, snapping, or lunging. Dogs can go from calm to aggressive for a number of reasons. Once you learn what triggers a dog to become aggressive, you can focus on the problem. FearA nervous dog that believes he is in dan

What Causes Aggressive Cat Behavior?
by Jim Davis in Pets
Typically, cats are docile animals, but they can express aggression through scratching and biting. If your cat is acting aggressively toward you, the members of your family or other animals in the household, treat the problem promptly. If a cat is acting aggressively, there is a reason for it. Examine your cat's circumstances, and think about why it is acting this way. Once you identify the cause

How to Retrain an Aggressive Dog
by lync-server-2010 in Pets
An adult dog who growls or nips at people is like a ticking time bomb. Dogs with the audacity to express displeasure by showing their teeth or biting are often the ones who don't understand the family-pack order or those who, for lack of a better leader, have taken up the alpha role themselves. Follow these steps to bring peace back into your home.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions H

Aggressive Cat Behavior
by Dandor in Pets
A cat can be a wonderful addition to any family. Unlike a dog, a cat does not demand a great deal of attention, and is not in need of an inordinate amount of love and affection. In fact, many cats shun too much of this sort of attention. However, some cats take this a step further and actually display aggression. Too much aggressive behavior can make the cat a problem and an unwelcome member of th

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