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Ajax call from a form rendered as Ajax response (jQuery + Grails: chaining ajax requests)
by hondaf17 in Web Design

I was expecting the below scenario common, but couldn't find much help online. I have a form loaded through Ajax (say, create entity form). It is loaded through a button click (load) event

$ ('#pid').load('/controller/vehicleModel/create3');
return false;

Combine Ajax/webform.js and ajax/WebUIValidation.js, and keep ajax and script resources from checking for cookies
by Twista in Programming Languages

i am doing some web site optimization. I have noticed that ajax .js files and ScriptResources have been causing me some problems. I do have a seperate domain to host static files, i'm not sure if i can just grab those files and add them to my static domain and use it from there to keep it from requesting cookies. I have no idea how to get webuivalidation and webform to combine since i am gra

Request URL encoding issue in $.ajax call and Max request URL length in $.ajax as compared to Ajax.ActionLink
by novatv.stdios in Programming Languages

I am doing a simple $.ajax request:

type: "POST",
url: "/Run/" + param1 + "/" + param2,
dataType: 'html',
error: function(error) {
success: function(html) {

If my param2 value is like http://localhost/pub/file?val1=Some Text&val2=Some Text then encoding do

JQuery Ajax only work with synchronous Ajax call and no response for asynchronous Ajax call
by scott.sizemore in Web Design

I updated my app's phonegap from 0.9.3 to 2.2.0 and also jQuery from 1.4.4 to 1.6.4. I tested the apps on a few device.

For Android 2.3 - the apps is working fine(able to do a ajax call with username and password).
For Android 3.2 - Ajax call keep loading and wait response from server.
For Android 4.0 - Ajax call keep loading and wait response from server.
For Android 4.

Ajax in MVC @Ajax. Helpers and in JQuery.Ajax
by redblacktree in Web Design

I know a bit of Ajax. And now I am learning MVC + JQuery. I want to know if the 2 Ajaxs in MVC Ajax.Helper and JQuery.Ajax are using the same base? Are they the same as the normal Ajax I learned using XMLHttpRequest xhr? If not, what is the preferred way of doing it? I am new to this, and a bit confused, so please don't mind if my question doesn't make sense to you.
Thank you, Tom

how to make other ajax calls after one ajax call completes and second ajax call should not call the .stop function
by Copter in Programming Languages

actually i 'm calling multiple ajax calls but i want some ajax calls completes first and exectute the atsk defined in its stop function.but some ajax call should be made once function defined in stop method executes and those ajax call should not cal.stop method once again

alert("ajax rqst completed");

How to get content using ajax.get or ajax.load when the external content is genareted by ajax?
by Mahesh in Web Design

I want to get contents from an external HTML file but most of the content in that file are generated via client side so when i call that file i don't get the contents i expect.

here is the code i'm using:

url: '*******************',
type: 'GET',
success: function (res) {

django form and ajax implementation issue - ajax not executing on submit function
by BooTeK in Web Design

I have a django project and I am starting to implement some ajax functions to load information into a popup div. For some reason, the javascript function isn't being executed.

let me explain the flow of my code and give you the code i believe is necessary to resolve the issue:

i have a template account that will load a form into a popup div
here is the account tem

$.ajax trying to get $_GET query variables inside newly loaded ajax page
by aafr in Programming Languages

alright i have a div #pagecontainer which loads another php page page_$var.php into it and $var is the page number, i need to get the url query string variables but i cant seem to retrieve them from the newly page.

example: loc=3&option=5

i just cant grab that inside the new page

Infinite Ajax Scroll jQuery Plugin not working when Yii CListView is updated via Ajax
by Ingoschi in Web Design

I am using the Infinite Ajax Scroll jQuery plugin and Yii's CListView to implement endless scrolling. However, the list can get update via some filter criteria. Basically, the list is categorized and a category tree lets you confine the list to the items belonging to a category if clicked on one. Since Yii's CListView works with Ajax to update the list, I am doing something like this:

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